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I’ll throw this in the mix, this is under kings control

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King, Robertson, Mini and the rest of them - I've said for long enough that if we were to give a bunch of fenians free reign at our club and let them run us into the ground gradually by not making it

I keep saying if the scum board infiltrated and were in charge of our club we would probably be in a better position as we are now because they wouldn't want to blow their cover.

King is scum. 

1 minute ago, cushynumber said:

the entire board were voted back in with a 95% + approval rating at the last AGM. Just saying.

Yeah because of a massive share holding. Your average fan like me or you probably have about 5% of shares with modest amounts of money tied up into them. The cunts who hold the voting rights that voted them in have millions of quids worth of shares. Can't compete with that.

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