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Massive investment announcement

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James innes seems like a bit of a cunt.

Aw thank fuck. Feels like we won the game 5-0 now.

That fucking reply, some of our fans are absolutely brain dead.

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2 minutes ago, MrMeeseeks said:

So are we announcing the highly-coveted, managerial prowess of Steven Gerrard taking  the helm and leading us to glory AND an eye-watering investment that would put the DM days to shame, today? :pipe:

Good time to be alive... 

Seems so, can't wait to hear how much this imaginary investment is and where its coming from as well. 


On a side note if it's the share issue how much money will goto the club?  Am I right in thinking with the share issue the majority of the shares will be used to pay back these soft loans.  So if we have enough loans for £20m about £15m worth of shares will be used to pay back the loans?? 


If so the share issue will raise very little for the club or have I got it all wrong???? 

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No..!! In my opinion SG is not the right man for the job.

In fact he is not manager material at all... Not an ounce of Charisma.

He was a big strong lad who kept going from first whistle to last...

But a football brain is needed for this job and I have never seen any evidence of that in him...!!

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11 minutes ago, Guardian said:

Dunno who this Noone guy is but he's bound to better than King. 

I heard he is putting in an eye-watering amount of investment on the 31st of April. 

Can't wait. 

nice so we shall find out tomorrow exactly how much investment there is:confused:

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13 hours ago, Siam69 said:

Can anyone explain to me how there would be investment/money put into the Club bar a share issue anyway?



13 hours ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

No one answers this as they're so desperate for it to be true they block out the fact it can't be true.

Ive posted the same on multiple threads over several days - no reply other than some mental sweetheart suggestion.

Folk think it is happening. Dingwall I think on the FF thread suggested it was happening for 15 to 20m.

There is simply no way that figure can be invested into a transfer budget this summer without it being loans, and who would do that without significant influence / control the likes of which you only get from buying shares.

Its needed but there's simply not investment coming in at that level by the summer.


13 hours ago, Siam69 said:

As I thought.

Bar a share issue or the usual shirt sponsor etc, it's just wishful thinking. 

Except if the mythical Chinese buy every cunt out and pump in :headwall:

Enough with this 'massive investment' pish!

At best a share issue will be announced, at best ...

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1 hour ago, SkiBunny said:

It’s not investment it’s a Takeover.



D King will be away in 3 weeks.


1 hour ago, Hoss said:

The investment is from David Murray ....

There would be a fucking riot if DM took over from King. 

The weasel fuck owes us after all the years of putting next to nothing into the club, he was making money from us, and then selling us down the river to where we are now. 

I don’t know how I’d feel about it. If DM were to put money in or want to take over. 

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