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Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "


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Radio Scotland at 630. "Even Brendan Rogers has had his say on Gerrard" then all you hear is this Irish accent saying "He"s been thrown to the garbage". Sounded actually like someone impersonating the tranny shagger, but what the actual fuck???

Anyone else hear this? 

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4 minutes ago, hampden86 said:

If he"s said we have thrown Murty to the garbage, he"s crossed a  fuckin line there. No way should he be getting away wi that. Cunt.

“Last year he was Under-20 coach and everyone was talking about how he was a good guy and doing very well.

"Now because of a couple of defeats and it hasn't quite worked out, he's just been thrown to the garbage really and I think it's very discourteous." 


Cunts literally untouchable. Don't think I've ever hated a taig as much. Who the fuck does he think he is commenting on our situation like that. Imagine the roles were reversed... 

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9 minutes ago, Inigo said:

The mhanks aren't daft. They use every little opportunity to twist the knife. 

Rodgers is a hypocrite. Wouldn't know humble or respect if it hit him in the face.

Aye, have you heard their ST advertisement on Clyde? :lol: 

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He and his players can speak about us any way he likes because nobody says or does anything about it and even if our board were to take any action it would be in the form of another shit statement that that would get half our fans wanking into a frenzy while the rest of the footballing world laugh at us rather than sorting us out on the pitch and shutting the cunts up that way.

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Evening times and other outlets reporting this. Sorry, but no fuckin way am I or we should be having that. Hope the cunt walks in front of a garbage truck.

Am struggling to think of a more disrespectful thing aimed at Rangers by a celtic manager, and I"ve got a good few miles on the clock.


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