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Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager


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Let's face it, whoever is mentioned as a potential manager , we will find a way on here to criticise it. As for Gerrard, if he is available,then fucking take him. We need a big name who will attract good players and put us back on the map again. As has been mentioned, we did alright with Souness.  

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13 minutes ago, Shuggy said:

As opposed to someone who just managed youth teams (Murty), was an assistant (McCoist), was only a manager for less that two years (Warburton) or had no experience of British football (Caixinhas)? I sincerely hope so!



The only name I have heard is Alex Neil off a couple of folk. 

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Unsure if he will make it as a manager and I don’t want anyone unestablished at us but as I’ve said on a few threads now the biggest thing we need is a manager with a bite and someone the players will respect and run through walls for - I think Gerrard would bring that for sure. 

Plus he would be able to attract a caliber of player. 

He’d still be a massive risk imo 

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49 minutes ago, GeeSS said:

Why is it people like yourself of limited intelligence resort to offensive name calling when someone disagrees with you ?   Really is very sad and a poor reflection on how the standards of a good Protestant education have fallen   I really do dispair for the future of our team and indeed our country when  imbiceles like your self are an example of younger supporters and members of  our community  the other lot have been a lot smarter and  got educated and got themselves into positions of power and influence at council,government and even football hierarchy  !  Grow up son and get back to school !!

Lol complaining about insult as you stick in as many as you can yourself.

I’ll make it easy, so easy that even a mongo like yourself will understand.

If we continue to hope we get another Walter Smith (but without the budget) by continually appointing rookie managers we could end up completely fucked as a club.

This high risk plan has not worked since 2011 and it might not work for another 7 years.

Now we require as much as we can being spent on a respected, seasoned, tough, and tactically astute manager with real knowledge of the Club and the British game.

Idiots like you hold our club back adhering to your stupid fanciful ideas due to nostalgia of the past.

We are in a bad way as a club and we need to be intelligent with every decision we make otherwise we are fucked.

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Gerrard  is no doubt a big name but that is no guarantee he can bring in top class players. he is a rookie as a manager and imo its a step to far for him as an unproven manager at any meaningful level. to bring in the players we need we need someone with a track record of winning and of bringing players on to a good performance level neither of which he has had the opportunity to show as yet. imo we would be calling for his blood a few weeks into the season. better if we can get a proven manager in.

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1 hour ago, Orange and Blue said:

Steven Gerrard’s opinion on Rangers will endear him to the fans.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has been linked with the managerial job at Glasgow Rangers. Could he succeed Graeme Murty at Ibrox?

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, who played under current celtic manager Brendan Rodgers at Anfield, has been linked with the managerial job at Ibrox club Glasgow Rangers.

According to latest odds on Betvictor.com, Gerrard is 14/1 to succeed Graeme Murty as the Rangers first team manager at the end of the season.

The former Liverpool and England international midfielder's odds of becoming the Gers’ manager were just 8/1 on Monday (click here to read more).

Gerrard is now in charge of Liverpool Under-18 side, having been appointed in the role in the summer of 2017.

The 37-year-old never played in Scotland, but the former England international is fully aware of how big Rangers are and how passionate the Ibrox fans are.

Back in October 2017, Gerrard took his Liverpool Under-18 team to Ibrox to face their Rangers counterparts.

The Merseyside outfit won 4-1, and after the match, the former Los Angeles Galaxy star spoke highly of Rangers and Ibrox (click here to read more).

Gerrard told Rangers’ YouTube Channel on November 1, 2017: ”I’ll never forget when I'm invited to Ibrox, it's an iconic stadium.

"I've got a lot of respect for this football club and it's history and tradition - and that's the reason why we took the invitation up.

“I had to take the opportunity to bring my team up to experience playing in front of that stadium, just being in the surroundings, in the dressing room - it's a wonderful place."


You know you want the job Stevie G:whistle:










He says the same shite about the taigs too.

Imagnie him and Brendan hugging and getting on like a pair of cunts on the touch line.

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I think we can all agree we need an highly experienced manager this time.

We don't have the time to allow another inexperienced manager to find his feet.

Gerrard is a big name and his reputation may be able to attract players that normally wouldn't go near Scotland. But he's completely unproven .

It worked with Souness but we are talking a different era.

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A big fat no for me as he’s an inexperienced coach / manager and this would be just another risk / project. Footballing wise we just can’t take that risk any other fuck up may cause our support will drop which will consequently drop the finances and then we are back onto dangerous ground as we have no sugar daddy.

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3 hours ago, GeeSS said:

That is true I grant you however smith in particular proved himself to be tactically aware and even when the other lot caught up with us money wise he still found ways to win   I don’t get this experience thing  loads of rookie managers/coaches do well    The  status of a Gerrard type would attract a higher class of player and he would instantly command respect from everyone at the club from top to bottom and  the press/media too would be more respectful just look at their love in with Brenda as an example  

Smith founds ways to win because he had a 4mill quid striker supported by a midfield that cost at least ten mill, no rookie manager can ever take over a Rangers team and topple this tarrier mob unless we spend and spend big

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If this clown gets the job then i am chucking it.

Thankfully i don't think any of it is true and if by some horrible fuck up it is then we will be sorry, the guy is grade A clown and has more skeletons buried than a graveyard.

He doesn't give a fuck about us where is all this shite coming from that he does?

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