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For a Rangers man? Absolutely ya fucking tosser 

With heart and hand, have a read at this and then take a fucking look at yourself.    Tell us how you became a Rangers fan? AF: “I went to school only about 200 yards from the stadium,

Only one betrayal going on here. And that's by you for a support respecting an ex player and great footballing man who is in a serious condition. That's as poor an opinion and post as I've s

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2 hours ago, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

That's fucking tragic tbh.

A joke about Wayne Rooney and our fans have to change it to Scott Brown. Some of our support are fucking obsessed with him.

He's a nobody. 

An irrelevance when his peers still played They all either retired or moved down South and he hung around playing diddy football up in Scotland. A compliant media have perpetrated the myth he's a hard man and great player. 

Guy plays defensive mid for a team who lose by cricket scores in Europe. 

Charging into sixteen year old boys in an attempt to give them whiplash and making stupid faces at fans doesn't make you a "character", it makes you a retard. 

He should be forgotten. His career will be when he retires. 

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