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Real snub guard of honour for Barca

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2 hours ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

Hearts just gave the tarriers a guard of honour,Hearts players not applauding them but that rat Naismith did.

He didn't give the club and fans who supported him any respect, but that's lovely he can do that instead.


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Never noticed this, can someone merge my thread.

also, why the fuck should they give a guard of honour?  Why are people saying they should?  Should we be giving the tarriers a guard of honour like?

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On 06/05/2018 at 13:00, Laudrup1984 said:


I wonder how bothered real are about a league they have won countless times before, given they are on track for a 3rd champions league on the bounce 

I know id have gave up smiths first title in his 2nd stint to win that uefa Cup final we were in

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15 hours ago, Hadron Collider said:

Pique has a point there!  

It's brilliant to be fair .

Madrid have not won back to back league titles for years

They focus on the Champions league. However they were shocking this season .

Maybe similar to each of our last 3 seasons  here :justno:

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