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MOH in with the beggars yesterday

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Where's all the wankers now that was saying at Parkhead a couple of weeks ago "aw he was just walking that way towards Brendan" and other mind-numbing shite. The guys a dirty, fenian wrong'in who

A prime example of why we should be nowhere near that cunt McGinn either.

and there's some folk still want McGinn and even more folk that don't have a problem with us signing the modern day Scottish Catholic ... waken the fuck up people, these people are the biggest threat

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2 minutes ago, With Heart and Hand said:

id be happy for the club to continue paying his wages to let him wallow in misery rather than for him to just be sacked and go to another club. We should punish the cunt for this. Make him train with the youths, fine him if hes late or misses a session, and expose any problems with him to the media, make him look toxic to other Clubs before we pap him off, ruin his career.

That said i wont be surprised if hes playing for hibs in a couple years giving it the big yin like the other celtic rejects there


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1 minute ago, Ger_onimo said:

Nothing stupid about it, 100% intentional imo

Guaranteed that it gets spun to look like he didnt think there would be a problem with it and we are all bigots for bring angry at thr fact hes supporting our biggest rivals.

Frankly im glad he was daft enough to do it as it gives us an excuse weve been looking for to get him to fuck, at least now we have an excuse to treat him like a piece of shit before he leaves.

And when hes gone can we put this bridge building shit to bed and stop signing taig players, it never works out and we seem to sign shite taig players just because theyre taig players. MOH should have never been on our books in the first place

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1 hour ago, GOAT said:

It’s 100% him, same pointy shaped fenian nose. 

Aye it was the nose I identified first, the spazz in front of him had me confussed for a second but saw the nose.

Funny thing is we are so mad at a fenian rat going to see a ceptic match when he has never produced anything of merit at our club and is a complete liability. His old man works for those rabid bastards and he was pictured in a chapel with the head paedo of the day! Wouldn't be surprised if ll 1st team tactics were mentioned to daddy over dinner on a daily basis.

Let him train for two years on his own with no contact with either the 1st team or the younger boys (well that's just basic child protection anyway, keeping them from a pape) and give him the choice of fucking off with no compo or getting his pay as per contract and he will never be part of the club again.

In our budget £8K could certainly be used better but fuck it, bash a pape when you have him cornered, sneaky wee rat can lose some of his best development years.

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