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1 hour ago, Vanoli said:

I'd be lying if i said i wasn't concerned we've just paid around £3m for someone who has 8 appearances in 2 seasons tbh. 

Got to give him a chance, and a few accounts suggest he has the ability. Hopefully he rams my and anyone else's doubts down our throats. 

Imagine if we signed Caulker too. Between his issues and Goldson's lack of appearances we'd genuinely have the least predictable defensive partnership in Britain going into the new season. Could be absolutely out of this league - literally - or a total bomb-scare. 

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Special thanks goes to Bill Young at Rocksport. 

Superb. Not even the middle of June and with Katic, Goldson, and McGregor we've already vastly improved our weakest area. 

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Glad we have brought these two new CB's in on permanent deals and not a loan basis. Dislike the premise of loans in general, however, given our closeness to the EPL and the way Scottish footbal has gone, can see why we probably need to go down that route for a player here an there now. That said, I'd prefer it to be one or two players able to supplement the squad of our own players, rather than loads being added in the shape of loans. In particular the spine of our team, to me, always needs to be our own players. Hopefully him and the Croatian lad can start providing us with a bit of stability at the back. Positive moving forward here.

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Seems like ages since we had two yonty big fuckers at the back. Happy about that. The rest... we shall see, but at least what needed the most work has been receiving the most attention. Gives us hope and a positive sense of anticipation going into the new season. Nothing wrong with a bit of feel-good.

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Brighton fans really seem to rate him, and sorry to see him go.

"Good luck to him......any Rangers fan looking on here will realise what a loss he is for us and a great player he will be for them. This lad has huge potential. Good luck to him....He wants to play more and he will be regularly playing in front of 40k adoring fans. One thing he has in his locker more than our brilliant pairing of Dunk and Duffy is potential goal threat from set pieces. He may score a decent amount north of the border. Good luck fella and thanks."

As the man said - LET'S GO

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This is great, I said from the start all Stevie G needs to do is sort the spine if the team.

Centre back, central midfielder and a striker and we will be just fine..........he has 2 centre backs already and I'm sure we will see a few more guys joining.

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Looks like the intention is no nonsense in defence.  Height, strength, enough ability, imposing players who really should not be messed - or pushed about - on the pitch.    The signings are hopefully going to be players that can impose themselves on games and build the platform for a proper title challenge next season.    

Looking forward to seeing how the Manager sets about getting the very best of a squad that undergoing good improvement.   

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2 hours ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Limbs when we finish third and BA does another u turn

Goodwill only stretches so far.

Thus far, over these last two months good decisions and good signings. I'm a happy bunny, as I put my faith in King and Gerrard.

If there remains to be failure, there will be fucking blood!

Not one for being let down.



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3 hours ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

Don't want to derail the thread but I'd suggest you research Mark Allen's role in recruiting SG.

The vast majority seem happy with the direction we're going, but there's a huge distance to go even prior to competitive games. We'll see how we get on shifting the shite, adding essential players, and bulking the squad with players who should be able to contribute rather than money sapper wasters.

But do not under estimate the value of the buy in from the fans either. Without us the revolution grinds to a halt ?

No doubt he may have helped, but the only man Gerrard needs to be both impressed by and to impress, is Dave King. He IS the man that Gerrard has to stake his reputation on and no one else. No disrespect to Allen, but he is a nobody in this deal.

Shifting shite is not in our gift for those under contract. We can but only make them offers they can't refuse as we make life for them not so easy and manage them right out the fucking door.

I don't underestimate the value of the fands as we will be here after they have all long gone, but this current situation is a major milestone in turning us around and there would have been no revolution without King.

You obviously struggle to give Dave credit, but it is well deserved in what he had done this last few months.

The fans are bouncing and that is all down to King.

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