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How long have you supported the Rangers?

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kilmarnock 1946 ,72 year but havent been recently for dif.reasons but would still say i wiil be back.

Around 68 years my dad took me to Ibrox when I was 5 that would be 1950.  I was born a mile from Ibrox therefore as the years progressed I was never away from the place, every week reserve games one w

67 years. Seen both of the legends, Johnny Hubbard & Harold Davis, who have recently died play.

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The first time I remember seriously taking an interest, watching all the games, following the team week-by-week, was when I was 6 or 7 during the ten in a row season.

That said, like many of you I had a father who made sure his kids walked down the right path, so from his perspective I was a Rangers fan the day I was born!

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2 hours ago, K.A.I said:

I was a kid but was probably slightly later than most.

I never had a Dad that took me to Ibrox or Rangers games in all honesty so didn't have that pleasure.

He had a friend though who was a supervisor for a construction company who had a box and got a couple of away tickets for every game and he took me everyweek from the 1992-1993 season onwards ... it was a quick turnaround from me wanting to get to actually going ... I was about 9 I think and watching the Battle Of Britain vs Leeds in 1992 on TV and was hooked ... pretty soon after that I was getting to games.

My Dad was more of a Dumbarton fan than Rangers ... he used to have a passing interest in Rangers and when we spoke and were close we went through a phase of going to some cracking games together ... a few memorable wins at Tynecastle and Easter Road ... and some European away's too ... but he was never a proper supporter, used to enjoy himself, the atmosphere and the football and preferred Rangers over celtic but it kinda started and stopped there.

Same I grew up with a killie supporter as a dad but a Rangers die hard as a pappy so I was about 3 when I was chosen so 29 years now.

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6 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

In my eyes . You are a legend mate

When I was about 8/9 my uncle Jock lifted me up onto the cinder track at the east-end enclosure and I ran across the field ( at half-time you understand) and got Johnny Hubbard's autograph. When I got back to the enclosure a big cop twisted my ear and told me not to do it again. Aye right, boss.

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