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RSC's - Our Lifeblood ?

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1 hour ago, Rfc52 said:

We are local to Glasgow but I went home on our bus. You'd think we'd just beaten barca the way our bus were singing and dancing the whole way home. Like you say the buzz on a bus at times is brilliant.

You then have all the characters, you get the daft drunk who's always a mess, you have the sensible head that looks after all the loonies, you have the member who does ridiculous stuff whether it's a 10 minute journey or 4 hours.

It's a great wee community and tbh without my own bus, KPL, Drumchapel loyal RSC, and the bus that leaves the brigton 7ways I'd not have made even 1/4 of the games I have.

4 buses that have been fortunate enough to have my company. 

From what I hear, you are both these guys!! ?

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Just now, D'Artagnan said:

Bit of history on Alex Craig - played for Rangers, Greenock Morton and Ireland. He was born in Galway in 1886, and had two spells at our club (144 appeaances) but never won a medal


Thought we had a signing policy mate?


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Great read D’art. 

As you said through the dark days of the last few years the main thing that kept me coming back season after season was Eddlewood Loyal RSC. It’s as much about meeting up with these Bears as it is about the football. 

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The rsc am a member of their is a lot of older fans but a fair few younger ones over the last few years us younger ones have become quite tight knit we all meet up before the bus for a beer we go out after games together close season we're generally out every weekend for a bevy like D'art says wouldn't happen probably if it wasn't for the rsc excellent post D'art ??

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I am sure like many on here pleased to see you now back putting your view across @D'Artagnan. I mentioned RSC in the Louden  thread. I used to go 20 years ago from Uni at Keele with Stoke RSC. Never met them before but spent three years travelling up and thoroughly enjoying it. The guy from the club hooked me up up with another RSC to go on away trips, again knew nobody when I got on any of these buses but would still know them now, in fact that has happened, i.e are you so and so etc etc who went on so and so trip, leaving out any details now I am a responsible adult but hopefully you get the jist. RSC are more than just a fare to the game its about bonds and friendships and so on.

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That's myself turned 60 there, in May.

First Rangers game was at Firhill, when I would have been about 8 years old and could just see over the wall. First Rangers memory was seeing Willie Johnston warming up, sprinting up and down the touchline. Couldn't believe anyone could run that fast.

My dad was a sleeping car attendant, working from Glasgow to Euston, Fort William and Aberdeen, so was away from home much of the time. In his absence, my y uncle Billy (played for Third Lanark), would take me to away games on the Maryhill supporters bus.

So that was my genesis and thanks for bringing this up - aye, exactly - I must be one of the few who still remember going on a supporters bus to Shawfield on a Wednesday night, so excited we could realistically beat Clyde (younger Bears, look it up circa those days!).

So.... 60 years on now and son, myself and our youngling wee bears were just all lamenting there... 'experienced European campaigner Steven Gerrard notes that it was a mainstay of Liverpool's triumphs how many times the team came away from European away ties with what many would see as another mundane 0-0 'draw'

For sure, the team's not quite the class of Belgium, yet, however... I'm still optimistic for this season.

Depends though, doesn't it, what happens before that transfer deadline.

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