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Why were all 3 BBC Scotland radio channels covering the sheep game last night?

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Aberdeen is a grim as fuck place.

It looks like it's taken a direct hit from a nuke. So do the retarded wooly bastard residents.

They were our personal bitches last season when they were at their best and we had one of the worst Rangers teams in many years. 

Can't wait for us to destroy them again at the weekend:aberdeen:




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On 03/08/2018 at 21:39, Thermopylae said:

Is it not supposed to be public sector broadcasting paid for by a poll tax?


No it clearly states that "teams who think they are reborn and have not paid the face painter will not be broadcast" on Bless the Beasts and the abused Children channel

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26 minutes ago, geneva_ger said:

"And welcome to BBC scotland where we hope the Rangers fans don't disgrace themselves like they did last week". "I'm declan o'wheelbarrow and I'll be keeping updated on twitter reports from bairds bar".

"Declan O' Wheelbarrow"  ?

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