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Money from the Europa league.


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Just now, Dickie said:

The year we went to Manchester did club not say we didn’t make a profit?

We had huge overheads at that point. We don't have that at this point in time. 

And like the poster above says we didn't always sell out our games. 

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On top of ticket sales etc there will be 785,000 Euros received as "prize money" by the end of the ties with Maribor alone. That is also money the club wouldn't have got elsewhere. When you look at the paltry sums on offer for prize money in Scotland (cups and league) then the benefits of a run in Europe are clear. 

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I'm guessing they would have just budgeted for the first tie , therefore the Osijek and Maribor games are a bonus ? 

Thats roughly £2M right there that could make a difference in helping bring in those extra players . That's just shows how important a good run in Europe is .

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1 hour ago, stevemac said:

So is there another tie after Maribor or if we get past them we are in the group's?

Another game which would more than likely add another million in ticket sales.


@TheLawMan after expenses how much would we make per game profit do you know?


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