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We didn’t deserve that


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We deserved a win.

Apart from the ref I thought the subs were poor choices.

Murphy should’ve came off earlier for Candeias.

McCrorie on for Jack when he went off injured.

Sadiq should’ve came on for Windass for the last 15.

Bad choices contributed to the end result.

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Football doesn't really care about deserves... harsh reality is that Morelos threw his team mates under the bus with his petulance, we were excellent thereafter but we were too deep for the last 15 minutes, and gave a fucking abysmal team that had nothing other than a long ball and knock down their chance. We should have known better.

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The tarriers force  the refs to strike and now they are shit scared of them but when it's us it's decision after decision that are disgraceful, time the board called these cheating bastards out for what they are publicly in every paper tomorrow and demand a meeting with the SFA about their corrupt officialls and miss no cunt and take no prisioners. 

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We gave everything when last season we would have folded after the red, we can take positives from that. We tired towards the end but that will always happen when you play 80+ mins with 10 men. 

That brings me on to Morelos and I’ll be controversial here but that petulant little shit cost us. Yes the ref was a disgrace all game but you can’t kick out like that provocation or not. If that happened to one of our players we would be screaming for a red. He’s an immature petulant arsehole who let his teammates down big time. Teams will target him every game now if he can’t control his temperament then we need to start someone else because we can’t afford any more stupid red cards.


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