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Jamie Murphy


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After the turn around with Jack, I'm surprised people are still refering back to how players were in last seasons squad. 

Not Murphys biggest fan at all saying that, but I think used more as a central player he would do a lot better. 

Too one dimensional out on the left, looks too uncomfortable doing anything other than cutting inside. 

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Hot and cold. Too often cold for me and not Rangers class. People have today said that he's a better player than McKay or Windass on the left. It doesn't matter if I disagree with that or not because neither argument makes Murphy good enough to play for us.

That said I don't want drawn in to a discussion criticising any of our players today. We win as a team and lose as a team. Or draw before some smart arse says it. I thought every player gave their all today regardless of ability and we were shafted by more than one poor refereeing decision which sadly is becoming increasingly regular and something needs done.

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24 minutes ago, Amac9 said:

Doesn't seem to get the stick he sometimes deserve. Windass is never short of getting abuse and rightly so but Murphy seems to get off the hook too easy.

I never rated him at Motherwell and playing on the left he offers very little. Never goes by the full back on the outside and constantly checks back inside and plays it to the LB.

A decent squad option to have but I'm not convinced by him. We need better.

If he's playing at all it has to be through the middle and if waindass has to play he should be the same. Candieas all day long on the right, maybe Middleton on the left with Jamie through the middle. 

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Don’t rate him.


I don’t really get the left hand side tbh. If we’re going with a right footed LB that can’t  really overlap then we can’t play with Murphy.

We were over reliant on the right hand side last year and this year will probably be the same.

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