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Simon Jordan on talksport

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Well, it sort of makes sense. Everybody at the time said that Gerrard wouldnt have taken the job without financial backing. Then when he joins, he doesnt want to make that info public, despite strong rumours of a new backer at that time.

If they have managed to get investment on those terms then its a nice piece of business, cos if it had gotten out everyone would be quoting silly money for transfer fees.

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Lad I know in the States told me a full year before our financial meltdown that it would happen and painted the whole scenario pretty much as it eventually played out - and I thought he was talking absolute bollocks. Saw him over there this summer and he said Rangers had more a lot money available than anyone thinks - likewise, I thought he was talking utter pish - but he works in a senior role in the financial sector and is absolutely no fan of Rangers. So who knows, maybe there is something in it??

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SIMON JORDAN: “I mean I really want… of the two Old Firm, I’m more leaning towards Rangers.

“I’ve always had a greater affinity with Rangers and I really want Rangers to come back.

“I think over the years with Craig Whyte, even David Murray and certainly Charles Green, what was done to that football club was shocking.

“And I think to some extent, what the SPL did and what the other owners of the SPL did by booting them down the divisions, actually worked against them and I can understand why there’s a conspiracy theory that everyone is against Rangers because they all wanted them out of the league – and for bonafide reasons.

“So I do want to see Rangers being successful. I do want to see Rangers challenging celtic because I think it makes the Scottish Premier League a far more interesting place and a far better opportunity for players to be developed and a better Scottish national side as well, doesn’t it?”

ANDY WALKER: “I can’t let that pass Simon without just correcting you. The architects of Rangers downfall were themselves. They went into administration, and then they were liquidated.”

SIMON JORDAN: “Yeah, I know that. But the glee and the commitment to ensuring there was no help available for Rangers from the other owners was pretty furciferous as well.”

ANDY WALKER: “Yeah… well if they didn’t have many friends, I think the bigger truth is that they were spending money that they didn’t have and they left behind a trail of debt…”

SIMON JORDAN: “In EBTs and so forth – I know, yeah, yeah…”

ANDY WALKER: “Well the trail of debt is shameful and embarrassing and I don’t think we should forget the amount of people, the amount of businesses, the amount of industries that just weren’t paid. You can’t just put that to one side. But let’s get back to talking about the football…”


Feel the beel Andy! :craphead:

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I don’t see why he would lie I listen to talk sport all the time and absolutely used to hate that guy but over the last 6 months massively changed my mind on him, has a shit tonne of experience and knowledge and is forever putting people factually in their place even though he has no real opinion in the matter just always taking a level headed sensible approach to all things 

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Even on Sunday you could hear in cocker and walkers voice the willing they had for the sheep to score. Haha can't wait to feel their pain as the season unfolds and we go on a winning run. Pair of tarrier bastards the Rangers are back and we will be gunning for you all.

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I would love for us to have Andy Walker removed from commentating our games.

He provides no fair tactical or football analysis and is constantly leaning to the opposition.

It makes BT Sport the preferred choice and that is saying something.

Would the power of our fans not be able to take a stand on this and force Sky’s hand?

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