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He's a wank and doesn't play for Rangers, time this shite was locked. 

Off to pastures new at Wigan. A great day for our club.

His total lack of self-awareness will be his undoing.  To put it bluntly, he simply isn't good enough to not give a fuck.  Normally you'd expect someone to realise after the majority of two

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Invisible tonight as always ?

In all seriousness, I think his general attitude on social media is not good for the squad.  You become what you surround yourself with and Windass acts like a tit on social media and is too inconsistent on the pitch.  Glad he has been moved on, he is not the answer.  Hopefully we can sign another good striker.

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The reason hes been hated so much is because people could clearly see hes got talent to be a great player for Rangers, but also needed to work very hard to become great. Sadly, his attitude and brains fucked up that opportunity. Good luck to him anyways. 

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I actually feel sorry for the boy. There is a good footballer in him. But his twitter and his dad is going to ruin his career. He's going to get it tight everywhere he goes because of twitter and his dads attitude towards fans.

If he ditches twitter all together and knuckles down he'll have a good career. All the best anyway, he done a job. Same can't be said for half the cunts that came through the doors the last 6 years.

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Developed a young player, bought for a minimum development fee from the 4th tier of England. Sold him for a decent profit, job done and it's the type of model that we should be getting better at. I wish him all the best, doubt he will play for a club as big as Rangers - but he is a decent player who will do well.

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