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Atmosphere tonight

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Fucking unbelievable. Felt like a champions league game from the Advocaat era. Had Maribor rattled.

What an atmosphere i fuckin love every one of you cunts

My throat is actually fucked Every Saturday We Follow was unreal. The loyalist songs were unreal. The players gave us their all tonight and we responded 

It was simply amazing tonight. Even when we conceded the crowd was still urging the players on which is something we have missed. After the 2nd goal the crowd 100% made the difference for us to keep pushing for a 3rd. Best night I've had at ibrox thats for sure. Well done to all involved 

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1 hour ago, Rfc52 said:

Mate 3-1 then everybsatursay we follow. Fucking hell man.

Got off the bus and one of the guys was gonaw drop us off but I had to walk home to calm.down :lol:


Best atmosphere in a long time mate. 

Got dropped out the taxi a mile from mine to have a snout and a sing song with my brother.

Fucking buzzing after that. 

You know it's a good situation when you're thinking of getting a drink and a g for pre match interviews. 



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