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15 minutes ago, pcbear said:

Good player and can ping a pass for fun, did you see Katic heading of on a mazy as well only to be pulled back as we had a player down.

I think thats when my voice went.

I was calm for some of the decisions but the ref was making some odd ones and that was annoying.

Katic would have scored?

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8 hours ago, shaka said:

Not only is he solid in defence, he's calm and composed on the ball.  When he picked the ball up and glided into their half... majestic!  We'll just ignore the shot at the end of it ?

The way he dummied their players and shot forward caught them right off guard and had me out my seat. Yeah it was a poor finish but worth it for that moment of magic. 

A fantastic night with some of the best football  Ive seen Rangers play. 

St Mirren must be shiting themselves knowing they are up next facing that lot.

Roll on sunday.

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6 hours ago, stevemac said:

And to think cunts wanted us to dodge him because of a heart condition he's already had treatment for ? strolling it so far even against a proper quality champions league level opposition. 

A guy like him was a far better gamble than the likes of pena et al. And so far it is proving to be the case. 

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I love both our new centre half’s serious upgrade on recent shower. Last night’s display was solid and there were some excellent moments of play in defence but, there was also the odd worry. I know the Maribor team were all giants but the ease with which they won several headers in the box was cause for concern. SG needs, and I am sure he will, tighten things up here. 

Definitely see why the gaffer has gone for some big physical types in key positions and this will work well against some the more physical Scottish Clubs (Motherwell) but the movement of the European teams add a further dimension that needs addressing.

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