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Gerrard Pleased With Lee Wallace's Progress


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Still has a future at the club or is this just a planted story to rustle up a buyer from somewhere?



STEVEN GERRARD is pleased with the progress Lee Wallace is making on the road to recovery.

The former Ibrox captain still has a disciplinary issue hanging over him after he and Kenny Miller appealed the fines they were handed following an internal investigation last season.

His fitness is Gerrard’s main concern and the Gers boss said: “Lee is progressing really well and joining in the technical warm ups. He’s spending the majority of his time with the physios and fitness coaches.

“We’ll get to the stage where we sit down with Lee and talk about the football side of things but firstly we need him back in with the team in a full time basis. He looks focused.”


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19 minutes ago, FSM said:

Was he actually injured or did he just stop training for a bit?

He hasn't played since last September when he ended up getting an operation on his groin. Seems a long time to be out with a groin injury right enough but it was an operation so maybe things haven't gone as smoothly as he would have thought. I think he carried the injury for a long time before the operation which is maybe why we haven't seen him at his best for a few seasons.

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38 minutes ago, Ibroxric72 said:

Love for him to get back to being the player he was but unfortunately that was years ago imo and just can’t see it. 

I would as well. Never saw him as a captain, but I've always liked him as a person and a player (when he's on form).

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