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Tav to get offered new contract

Lord Lockin

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He's now captain, I'd imagine that should be reflected in improved terms. Also potentially allows us to extend contract length slightly and perhaps put a higher buy out clause (ie higher than  the 5m we were allegedly looking for) into the contract.

Win win.

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I've had major doubts about Tav in the past if I'm honest and I wasn't happy when I heard he'd be captain.

But to be fair he looks completely rejuvenated under SG and his defensive deficiencies seem far less of a worry now we've got Shagger and a solid line of big fuck-off defenders.  

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If you play it right with contracts/signings you can have the services of players for a good few seasons free, it means buying and selling at the right prices something we have not been very good at, an Ipswich Waghorn scenario is maybe extreme but it is a business plan that works.

There are not a lot of examples who played for us apart from Trevor Steven who we bought cheap sold dear to Marseille and bought him back cheap, we are forever getting caught in the pay off stuation and if we want to move forward (which I think we are) these situations must not occur, and they wont if you do the homework and purchase wisely.

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Surprised at that if true as he's not long signed a lengthy contract. SG must love him right enough and I'm not going to argue with him.

As a person I really like the guy, going forward, he's a cracking player offering a lot (and creating goals), in defence, he's a liability and will always cost us goals. I don't want to knock the guy, but it's true. He will create goals for us, but he will cost us goals too. He's often unaware of players around about him that he's meant to be picking up as well. That drives me nuts...just basic stuff. Hopefully SG will improve him.

He reminds me a bit of Steven Whittaker in the manner that his defending scared me at times too with his all or nothing sliding tackles, yet was  brilliant at times further up the pitch. That gives me an excuse to play this little beauty again (not great quality though)...WOOF!



Back to today...let's put even more pressure on brenda with a convincing win and let everyone else take note as well. WATP.

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