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The Rangers Are Back


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6 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

That's it confirmed, no more fucking about. 

They hung out the flag of the war they cried, well it's coming ya stinking nappy ripping bastards. 

Be prepared. 

Said the same in the match thread mate....we’re coming for the bheasts 

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7 minutes ago, jim beam said:

Don’t want to get carried away just yet but by fuck we are night and day from the last couple of years.we will be there or there abouts with the team we have right now but if we add a couple of really good players then I will really start too believe.

agreed there were times in that game where last years team would have folded..................................that is if they had reached that stage in the tournament

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Two things I noticed tonight. One, I don’t shit myself whenever the opposition have the ball in our half anymore, I’m confident we can deal with it. And two were so much more streetwise than before. We know when to foul and when to win a foul. We know when to waste time and how to turn the game into the match we want to play. IMO if your going to win trophy’s and title we have to have that about us, maybe it’s Gerrard’s influence having played at highest level or what I don’t know but it’s so bloody good to see! 

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6 minutes ago, 72barca said:

All of a sudden six years are fading away.

your not wrong, it seemed like a life time. But these past couple of months really are erasing those memories very quickly.

finding it incredibly hard not to get ahead of myself 

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Two games to go boys and that's us, no cunt gave us a hope in hell of reaching these group stages. 

Gerrard gets us there and it's a big fucking question mark over his inexperience as a manager scrubbed already. 

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That was a real team performance , everybody played their part and the team spirit , so sadly lacking for many a year , was there for all to see . Of course we'll have our set backs , but at last we look to have a team that can deal with it and not crumble like we did previously . We have the making of a very good season in front of us . 

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