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Not a fan generally but absolutely superb today.  My MOTM after Morelos. Well done, Andy ?⚪️?

He played really well end of , no need for the rest of your post 

As I’ve said throughout the window, if Gerrard thinks he deserves a place who the fuck are we to question it. The boy is living our dreams and all the very best to him. Would love to see him contribut

3 hours ago, King Jela said:

Agreed but I thought those 2 had good games as well. Arfield is looking like Mr Consistent so far and Ejaria done very well today, I thought. 

Arfield's Rangers career got off to a slow start but he is really starting to show his ability now, looking like a good bit of business

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3 hours ago, SwallowsHisOwnSpunk said:

He was shite against Maribor, because he didn’t cost us a goal people doing mental gymnastics to pretend he played well but today was a different story he looked far more comfortable and put in a great shift, probably his best since Warburton’s first half of the season in the Championship.

Completely agree with this. Glad to see him performing. If he can do it consistently then I'll change my mind and agree he'd be a good squad player.

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His appearance at left back last week and in midfield today is exactly why we need this type of player. 

He's average, made worse by low confidence and hated by many, for the crime of being a bear and not being that great. 

Gerrard has improved his fitness and his confidence. He remains average, but a fit average player with confidence who can play in multiple positions, will work hard and not disrupt the dressing room is an asset for any team. He will make his contribution throughout the season. Our best 11 are not always going to be fit and we can't have world class players for every position just sitting on the sidelines waiting to play. He will do a job and clearly has bought into what Gerrard is trying to do and has his confidence. If not he'd have been shipped out like the rest. That is good enough for me.  

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It’s obvious Gerrard has been working with him.  His one touch stuff and movement of the ball was very good today, but our whole team is now doing this which is superb, our third goal was brilliant.

He’s moving the ball quickly, however, he’s too much of a bomb scare at left back.  Whilst he had a good game mid week there were still some dodgy moments.  It’s laughable that the muppet pundits today were saying that Kilmarnock would be our biggest test yet this season.

Its an example of the bitterness and total disrespect that these cunts in the mhedia have for us that they have the temerity to think that Maribor are a lesser team than Kilmarnock.

They know that Gerrard has created something in a short space of time that we all thought wouldn’t be possible, we can put up a genuine challenge this year and they’re shitting themselves.  

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Some of the comments here at out of order. Like Foderingham, Halliday is a squad player. A manager will hope that when he calls upon these guys they come in, do a good job, and maybe give him a difficult decision. 

They both had a good game, yesterday.. Its a good thing, there's no need to slag them off. 

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20 hours ago, DBBTB said:

The guy will never be a stalwart but he’s perfectly fine as a squad player. His confidence has been absolutely destroyed over the past couple of seasons and thankfully it looks like Gerrard has helped him find it again.

?As with quite a few others 

Tav ,Candeas Alfredo to name 3 

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Yes credit where credit is due played well in midfield yesterday and done his job against maribor last week so well done Andy but everyone of those players know if they are not doing what they are told to do by the gaffer they won't last long so we now see improvement in all the players not just Andy Halliday from last season.


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