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Press Conference: Gerrard and Kent

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3 minutes ago, Reformation Bear said:

Superbly done by the Manager.    He's got great answers and puts the answers over very well.   Straight speaking.  Spade is a spade way of putting things across and when necessary a spade is a shit shovel approach too.      The media too seem to have gotten the message for now at least of trying to make the press conferences a bit more respectful and meaningful with questions about the way games have gone and approach to preparing for future games.  

It might get to the point where these sorts of press conferences lose their Punch and Judy mentality from journos and they raise football matters that are actually relevant and interesting.  SG taking no nonsense from them will probably help that process.

SG really does do a bit of a masterclass in handling the media at these sessions.   That itself is confidence -building,    

I thought the exact same. I was listening and thought the questions seem different today. More thought out and slightly more intelligent.

We'll see how long it lasts! 

The media will not get one up on SG, he controls them.

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After their sniders and pokes at him on radio and in the papers for his correct criticism of refereeing at the Aberdeen game, they pointedly asked him about referring of the game after that (obviously hoping he would do it again because of McCrorie)

SG “the refereeing was spot on, excellent’

Wee burst faces in the press pack. He owned them. :lol:


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42 minutes ago, Don Logan 2 said:

Hartlepool actually, they hung a monkey a couple of hundred years back, they thought it was a French spy, I kid you not.

Yes. That's incredible. 

Do you think there's a Frenchman in the monkey enclosure at their zoo?

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