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***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

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Ffs mate 2 massive games to go.before this 

Been for two jobbies already. Let’s go Rangers.

Watching Sky Sports news and the boys just walked into the Neverland Ranch like they were going in for a training session. All look nice and calm, Stevie G full of smiles and Lafferty winking.

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Previous "managers" had the players wrapped in cotton wool and resigned to defeat before a ball was even kicked. Not today, not this season...

There will be no hiding place, no safe place, no arm round the shoulder at least you tried your best, it's the taking part that counts, your a winner inside that's all that matters - birthday card bullshit!!! 

Just win, we're fucking Rangers! 

In to these second class citizens! 

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As these weeks always go wasn't confident last Sunday, midweek came about and thought a draw would suffice, after Thursday I believed we would sneak a win, today I think we'll smash the papish bastards. Standard.

But, and I know others have said it, if we for whatever reason don't get the result today, I want to be able to see that at least the performance was better than it has been in recent years. 

Better performance and attitude as a team and as individuals and I'll feel slightly better knowing we are making some improvement. 

Let's fucking do them! 

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This is going to be a long tough game today. We're also going to be facing the Fenians in the black aswell, I will be hugely surprised if we dont have someone sent off. We are facing 14 not 11. All im asking is that our players leave everything on the park in terms of effort and commitment.

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Stomach is churning! ?

Allowing myself to dream we may go 2 up but even if we did I think I will feel sick. Today matters so much more than any other in recent history.


As someone has already - We must not crucify our players if they don't win today. This is yet again a team of OF Debutants. As long as we make this a contest and prove we are the real deal then I will be content. Fucking smash them though Rangers! ?

(P.s - 11 men on the pitch is important!)

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