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Steven Gerrard - the Global brand

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5 minutes ago, Almacger said:

Something that struck me when watching the game today. A couple of times the cameras panned in to the UFA fans and showed a girl sitting with a Steven Gerrard banner dotted with love hearts, obviously a wee soft spot for our manager. Another shot had a you boy holding up a banner in English asking for an autograph from Steven Gerrard. We have pulled of a master stroke getting this guy into our club, he is a global brand and even in some unknown area of Russia he has admirers - take a bow son and thanks for all your efforts so far.

I did say at the time.

He IS a global brand.

Our return to former glories is well underway and with Gerrard on board it's a case of 1+1=3.

Master stroke by King as Gerrard will deliver success both on and off the park. 

Good to see most of Gerrard's detractors now on board the Stevie G express.

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1 minute ago, SkylineBlue said:

It's something I feel we should be capitalising on a lot more. I just don't know how we'd go about it.

Well qualifying for the group stages will increase our exposure. Our global fan base will get a huge boost this season.

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The board have played an absolute blinder in getting him in and his win at all costs mentality is already paying off in a big way.

After the slap bang mediocrity we've been served up, Stevie G is the shot in the arm we've badly needed. Fuck playing styles, projects and philosophies, winning has been king since we started kicking a ball and the gaffer realises that.

Long may it fucking continue.

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10 minutes ago, RockwellGers said:

Terrified he'll be tempted away. Don't leave us gaffer. 

I doubt he'll go anywhere other than Liverpool.

Ideal scenario?

Klopp stays at Liverpool for another 3-4 years minimum.

We need Klopp to ALMOST get there.

Win some cups, maybe even Champs League with the EPL title becoming that much closer year on year.

Just enough to ensure he stays interested in managing Liverpool for as long as possible.

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2 hours ago, plumbGER said:

Cunts were greeting on here when the "Gerrard effect" was mentioned.

Nothing to do with the gaffer, he's the new guy who has only looked after the kids like Murty, won't be able to handle our club.

Aye right yah are cunts, I loved it as soon as he came in, he is a genuine legend at his old club and will be for ours.

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