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Answers please Steven Gerrard

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We lost an away game to them 1-0 after a massive away trip in europe where we played a big chunk of the match down to 9 men. Im not losing much sleep over this.

Far from an embarrassment,the players are clearly knackered after battling like lions on Thursday.  We'll beat them at Ibrox. 

Some of the comments here are ridiculous.  Far more organised than we have been for years, and we were the better team in the second half.  People expecting us to bulldoze over them need a r

1 minute ago, RD.1872 said:

The fact he waited until 10 mins to go make a sub is worrying.

Especially after when half of the team were the 9 men that done it in Russia a few days previous.

How Ejaria stayed on the pitch was a mystery, he was fucked 15 minutes in.


Who would you have put on for Ejaria?

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Performance today was on par with any of the shite we've had under pedro, murty or warburton. Gutless and fucking pathetic.

Mcgregor saved us from being on the end of a 4 or 5-0 today.

We offered the square root of fuck all and on the rare occasion we actually got the fucking ball, we couldn't keep it for more than a second.  

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Just now, TMB said:

We went there to sit back, punt it long, and hope for a draw.  It was the Motherwell second half all over again.  Terrible to see us go down like that I honestly thought we would sit high up the park and press and we have been to great success.  

Correct. Gerrard has to answer that

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