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Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout


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10 hours ago, BillySastard said:

*****PM UPDATE*****

@Samuel no 1 has shat it?

Think I spooked him. He tried the tough guy act and once I was done, I had him begging me "let's just be friends" ?



10 hours ago, Samuel no 1 said:

I want you . I'll be there at 12 with the description I've given you. I want you you . 

:duh: FFS!!!

How was the lunch at KFC children? 

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2 hours ago, The No.9 said:

Never laughed so much at a thread in my life ?? the best part is both started on the same side against @ForeverAndEver Then just lost their fucking minds.

Was only having a laugh and somehow turned two people on the same side against each other

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