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Because he is in a gym?  Guys a fucking waster, he will be back on the Tenannts super and a line before he even showers 

Fair due to the guy for knuckling down and trying to improve himself, more than what some armchair watchers do. 

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27 minutes ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

 The Gerrard effect might work for him, hope he gets sorted - maybe he could be a solution if Morelos is snapped up in January.

The Gerrard effect won't work, as his issues are his personal problems - Gerrard can't fix that he's an alcoholic and has other issues. If Peña didn't have that baggage he'd have been playing in Europe years before we signed him; only he can sort himself out. 

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55 minutes ago, ZZed said:

Can't we just forget him, please.

That would be great except he is under contract with us until 2020 and is scheduled to return in just 4 months. FWIW I don't expect him to come back to Scotland. I think his loan deal will be extended or some mug will pay some money for him. Until something changes we're sadly stuck with him in one way or another for the time being.

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2 minutes ago, Jamie0202 said:

Technically he was very shite and couldn't trap a bag of cement. His second touch more often than not was a tackle. The only good thing I seen was that he could time a run well and had a decent knack of scoring for a midfielder.

He wasn't even considered technically good at his 'peak' in Mexico. His strengths are his, erm, strength and his ability to time a run; in theory, he should have been what we've been missing in midfield, but it's similar to Rossiter - only instead of gambling on someone with a history of injuries, we gambled on someone with known personal issues. 

If he could sober up and get into decent shape, he could do a job for us or for someone else. Kind of goes without saying as he was capped by Mexico at one point, but I think absence is doing wonders for how good he was with us if folk think he looked technically good. 

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