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2 minutes ago, Blumhoilann said:

Belgians do the same for WW1 graves,good stuff.....then you hear that b'tard Brit hater Verhoffstadt re Brexit.

Did you know that Tony Blair cancelled the war reparations Germany owed us,which ran into many Billions £s??

We are being replaced, those boys died for nothing

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That's a fantastic display. Well done to them. 

Too many people in Europe (not the Dutch generally) forget that their own countries contribution to fighting the Nazis was captulation, followed by collaboration. 

It's heartening that there are people who remember it was British and American (amongst others) boys who liberated Western Europe. Too many millennial/socialist/hand wringing fucks use the freedom those men fought for to denigrate the "West" and cheerlead for its enemies. 

Be great to play a friendly against them next summer. 

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The Paras are invited to parade regularly in Arnhem, my boy was in 4 para and he went over, the Dutch have never forgotten the sacrifices made by our service men liberating their country.

Was reading the Scottish bbc feed from our game yesterday, and they mentioned our "usual" Armed services day observance, the tone was snide and is indicative of the sneering attitude too many politicians and media in this country have towards our armed services, fucking morons think we do it cause it annoys others and not because its the right and decent thing to do.

I am very proud of my clubs support of the men and woman who serve, long may it continue.



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10 hours ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Probably not Bears Den but thought was pretty fitting given our forces day at weekend, class display from Vitesse why don’t we see the likes of this from more UK clubs ??


'Rangers related picture thread', mate. Right on topic there and then some.

Coincidentally, I've just posted some Armed Forces Day photographs there earlier, which come from the official MOD web site.

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4 hours ago, Don Logan 2 said:

I lived in the Netherlands for almost 10 years, a little known fact is that families adopt the graves of our fallen hero's and tend them like they where their own families...the Dutch are different class.

The Dutch know what it is to respect the fallen, something which is sadly lacking in Britain in general but particularly in Scotland. 

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5 hours ago, NamibianBear said:

And again, I agree with you 100%.

For me, seeing things like Armed Forces day at Ibrox, or any display that salutes our troups always brings a bit of emotion out in me.  It would be nice, not for me but for all serving and retired members, to get more appreciation.

Oh, and fuck PC world shit.  Does my head in ?  The Ozzies have it right - fit in or fuck off (although they are slowly getting PC too ? )

Sadly our government do not wish to offend the more than equal minorities, but it doesn't stop there.

This is where the yanks have got it right. They pay homage to their star spangled banner every morning in schools across the land, albeit from reports they could be doing more for their vets. It's all about taking pride in your country. You would be hard pushed to see a Union Jack flying on top of a publc building in the UK. The sublimnal message that sends is one of being ashamed of nationalism and nationhood. 

The first thing you think of and associate with in seeing your flag flying high is your country and it's armed forces. Experience that sense of pride in who and what we are. Sadly in Britain today there is little of it as national identy is eroded to the point of extinction. Just look at Scotland FFS. Unless you are a tartan tranny plastic, you would be as well wearing a star of David on your chest and a bell round your neck. On any sucessful Indy, we become little Oirland and then watch the Saltire and Tricolour fly side by side on every public building in the land, as well private dwellings.

Little national pride in Britain these days I'm afraid and public displays of the armed forces celebrations kept to a minimum.. On Indy, Rememberence Day will probably be banned not to offend the plastics. 

As I intimated previously, my Minister did not allow the Boys Brigade to march into the church hall with the Union Jack on their annual parade.  When I challenged him, he replied it was for fear of offending some of the congregation. I gave him a serious mouthful as to what the flag represents and why he was so wrong. They are now allowed into church with it! That story reflects the mentality that prevails, even from our own, particularly in this backwater.

A citizen of any nation state should be able to wear or fly their national flag with pride and without fear nor favour. NOT in this country!

Britain is a train wreck nationally and Scotland is an appeasing separatist taig infested shithole and government devoid of integrity and common decency as they appease minorities to the detriment of the majority.  National pride is a long forgotten ideal of the past and the armed forces to be vilified and marginalised.

When do we get our country and our national identity back?

We don't, whilst we appease the governments that we vote in out of some false sense of party loyalty. Year on year for the last fifty we have been robbed bit by bit of our freedoms, our culture and heritage, our way of life. We were led down the path of our extinction with our eyes wide shut.

Wear a Union Jack emblazoned on your chest or back and see how long it takes for the abuse and probably much worse.

Let a member of the armed forces in full uniform walk into a taig infested bar and see how long he lasts. 

That's where we are at and we fucking accept it as the norm.

It is the majority who are left with tokenism. Britain and national pride is a contradiction in terms.


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22 hours ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Probably not Bears Den but thought was pretty fitting given our forces day at weekend, class display from Vitesse why don’t we see the likes of this from more UK clubs ??


The Dutch and in particular this part of Holland are absolutely first class and sincerely respectful of all the people that fought and died and gave the ultimate sacrifice 

That is one of the reasons I love the Dutch 


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