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Player's training on their day off

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GARY McALLISTER has revealed Steven Gerrard’s success-hungry Rangers stars sacrificed their only day off to report for extra training. Boss Gerrard told his players to put their feet up on Monday a

The blow out when we win the league again will be unbelievable. As cheesy as it sounds we will be lucky to be part of the next title win 

The players obviously having it drummed into them what it means to play for this club and are acting more accordingly. Other managers (especially the foreign ones)  have tried this but were unsuccessf

The expectations on a daily basis are night and day compared to the last few years. 

SG has raised the bar and will accept nothing less than 100% every day. There’s a reason both he and GM played at the very highest level at 35+ and they are instilling the right mentality into this group. 

It’s crazy to think that they have only been with the players for about 16 weeks and had to clear out 20+ and bed in 15


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I always think if you want a winning team then they have to play for the guy picking the team. It's amazing to see just how much the players are on board with Gerrard and how he is obviously treating them like actual human beings rather than being a military general with them. It just sums up his exceptional man management skills. 

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