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***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

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Missed so many games lately due to health which has led to financial difficulty. Mates pals with Laffs and managed to secure a ticket for Free. Not alot to him but means the world to me. Buzzing.

Was just going to post that. The pitch is probably the worst one I have ever seen. I don't remember it being like that in the championship. No wonder they are doing so well actual footballers are scar

The SPL forced clubs into financial difficulties by insisting on 10,000 capacity stadiums - that would only be filled when the Old Firm rolled into town - and denied Falkirk promotion because their st

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Unacceptable to be losing here really

SG needs to earn his corn and turn this around.  The players look to be holding back on the surface which is understandable but these are the kind of performances which determine whether you are challenging come March and April.

Lose here and we are 8 points behind Hearts - very worrying as they are going good guns

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We look uncertain, sluggish, we're second to every ball, and Goldson is having another bad game on a plastic pitch. We need to sort it out, we can't let this 'can't win away' become an actual thing.

This isn't the game for Ejaria and while it's easy to call for him Middleton might do well here. He'll run at them with no fear, at least. We look like we don't want to risk getting injured. I get it but we either sort that out or we lose here.

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Don't win here then it's 0 wins from 4 away league games this season and possibly 8 points off top, yet people were bumping the Gerrard manager thread in order to slag people who weren't sold on Gerrard at the start...

Long way to go this season before we can tell how good an appointment he has been.

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Another reason why it's hard to get too hyped when the animals drop points or play shite because we don't look capable of capitalising on it.

we should have been right up for it today knowing we could move ahead of them again but for some bizarre reason we are putting in a pitiful display. How the fuck can you go to Villareal and put in a shift like we did then go to the Toni Macaroni and fall apart? It's not good enough and our domestic away form is laughable, probably one of the poorest in the league. 

If we don't make changes then I'll be very concerned  

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Just now, willygers4life said:

Based on this performance so far we wouldn't deserve to win the league, struggle to string a couple of passes together, noone looking at runners to pass to, taking to many touches, too many players absent. It's like we are watching us in division 2 or under Warburton in the premier league

Fuck off you 

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1 minute ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

Lacking quality, no tempo, awful at winning 2nd ball, no tracking runners. Sloppy defending, not just by defenders.

Really poor.

Too many well off the pace.

Need changes quickly (or a half time rocket) to turn this around as this starting 11 don't seem up for it.

Mateeeee the second ball is what I’ve been screaming about we haven’t won one! If we could challenge and catch the second ball when on the front foot and be direct we could swing this around

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