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ED, a face to the name


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18 minutes ago, JukeBoxJohn said:

I vaguely remember him sharing that story in the boozer (I was probably hammered) he was a class act and never a dull moment when he was out and about. 

I remember we were all in Crystal Palace and you were showing him your matches on Tinder. Then he started chatting up these middle aged birds across from us :lol:

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I know the feeling @backup? reading all these threads is continually making me wobble.  He was always full of charm when it come to talking to us ladies.  A true gent and valued friend, despite his bam ups on here(which would generally make me chuckle):)  

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1 hour ago, backup said:

Direct cremation arrangements finalised yesterday, no service or funeral, as per Tam’s wishes.

His ashes will be scattered at various places he requested, Ibrox hopefully too.

Tam left money to Erskine, McMillan nurses and Roxburgh House Hospice, I am sure he would be happy for anyone who wishes to remember him in some way, to make a small contribution to any of those worthy causes.

fillin up can’t write anymore..?


3 minutes ago, backup said:

After that wee wobble, those are the arrangements at this moment in time. If there are any changes Jacquie will let us know.

Jacquie is knocked out by the esteem that Tam is held in by so many here, a great comfort to her ?


Thanks for the info mate .....you are doing Ed proud.


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