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Fuck the SFA and one Paul Gascoigne need to be sung loud and proud at the cup semi live on telly, added bonus it’s against the sheep who his best performance in a Rangers shirt and best I’ve seen in S

Video link   Here you go ????????????????

Not so much of fuck the SFA - but fuck those jacobites that have infiltrated into it.  Need to get Scotland back to the Scots, and fuck those republicans. 

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22 minutes ago, cr3_bear said:

We've got the battle fever 

Fucking hope so, About fucking time, Appointing Stevie G may turn out to be the best signing we have made in recent years just for the spotlight he brings to our club and Scottish football in general alone

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16 minutes ago, PRW. said:


Cunts that need to film everything are cringey tadgers. Desperate for likes

It just gets people into bother.

Most of these things they ask you at the start not to film and there’s always some roaster who immediately whips their phone out.

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Wouldn't be so bad if it was just kept behind closed doors amongst fellow bears,  but always has to be brought to public.  

Barry is right though. 

Pity the scum that is the republicanFA couldn't be held accountable for what they have done to Gazza though. 

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14 minutes ago, Amokachi said:

Find that video embarrassing tbh.  

Will do the ex players (esp Ferguson) & the club no good whatsoever.  

I completely agree.  I think the former players get money for doing these appearances so I can't understand why they do it.  They just turn up and say 'Rangers are good and celtic are shite' and everyone's happy.  Money for old rope.  

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