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Barisic pretty much strolled it until the Livingston game. This narrative that he’s not good enough is bonkers.

This your first time watching football? He was the best player on the pitch first half

Surley that's his maw mate ? 

I actually thought he was ok, not poor, 1st half. Things didn't quite come off for him but the effort and intent was there.

2nd half showed the quality he has, deserved motm.  Said he'll come good and he has already. I think he'll be excellent for us 2nd half of the season.

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3 hours ago, jamess said:

No. He should play whoever is showing most in training. Have you forgot the Candeias goal in Moscow?

If a few manage to climb off the treatment table / get rested / work off suspensions, etc. there are the makings of a selection headache for SG after the break.

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13 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Good game, don't want to get carried away because it was a ridiculously bad Motherwell team though

Was nice that we managed to make full use of the extra man though - it isn’t always a given, after a red card.

Thought the way the line up shook down meant that we controlled the game far better than most.

Less headless running into dead ends, long balls, etc meant that we properly pulled them apart.

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19 minutes ago, GOAT said:

If I was a Motherwell player I’d be embarrassed by his first goal. Absolutely howling defending. 

It was woeful. Even if it was the only thing he did wrong (and it wasn't) it was shocking enough in itself to warrant questioning him. The boy didn't even have to be sharp to turn him. It was like watching a tug go round a tanker. 

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4 minutes ago, berkshirebear said:

He really wasn't.

The only other player that had a moment of quality was Fraser in the first half, Grezda was taking the piss out of Paterson

But don’t let that stop you from taking an opportunity to put down a player you clearly don’t fancy despite the fact we’ve barely seen him 

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Just now, MurrayWilson said:

Sounds like you've decided early on hes crap and now you actually want him to be.

Hope I'm wrong, just not been impressed with him yet. I know its early days but he isn't what I was expecting, looks awkward on the ball, and doesn't look all that quick considering some of the reports about him.

Its just my opinion there's no need to get in a wee huff.

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