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Candeias Red Card

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Off work sick so I may as well  Life is not black and white. There are shades of grey.  It is not simply a case of either complete impartiality on one hand and complete conspiracy on the oth

St Mirren fans were launching all sorts at him but he didn't give a fuck Hero

In normal circumstances, a yellow cannot be appealed but Rangers are failing in their duty to the player and the supporters if they do not ask Collum (with legal representation if necessary);exactly w

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Just now, Bluenose1986 said:

Rangers should go in with a lawyer and try and change this. Candeias has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. 

If ever there was a decision that we should make a fuss about. Then this is it. That is fucking diabolical and the ref needs to be carpeted or apologise. 

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Just now, JM1872 said:

Watching the "analysis" of it there, it seems an absolutely ludicrous decision. If anybody should have been dismissed it should have been Ferdinand for the aggressive grab of DC's shoulder and then jab on the chin. 

Some smart arse milennial cunt get it posted.

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Just now, gsa said:

What was it for then?

Ferdinand has had a go at Candeias. Gripping his shoulder like a bitch and trying a sly wee punch on him. Collum has seen something going on and decided to yellow card Candeias. For don’t absolutely nothing. He actually deserves a fucking medal for not reacting. 

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