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45 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

At the time the rumours were flying around about Pena we even had Jason Holt say he was the best player in training etc so it’s not surprising Morelos said that considering they would’ve both had a lot in common being from that part of the world

But the same token we had STEPPS on here (who has been right with quite a few things he’s been passed on) saying that the players thought he was a donkey. 

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If he is fit and motivated, why wouldn't Gerrard give him a chance? he is exceptionally good at finding space and say what you like about him but his first time finish rate was phenomenal.  gerra

I don’t know what was said, but it apparently blew Pena’s mind.

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I don't see him getting back into the team but he could be a decent option off the bench against a team that's hard to break down. He had a knack of finding a yard of space and he's a good finished.

He would need to be in far better shape before Gerrard would consider letting him near the first team.

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Just now, GOAT said:

The cunt better never be anywhere near a Rangers too again after wiping his nose on our crest.  Scumbag. 

Do you think that was a deliberate attempt to wipe it on our badge? It looked to me like he just wiped his face with only thing he had in his hand. I don't think he turned the shorts around to target the Rangers crest, I could be wrong though.

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