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Just reading that there is a documentary getting screened at the luxe cinema at the quayside in Glasgow on 15th November at 7pm prompt about Stevie Gerrard our boss, it's about his life and his aims and times growing up and playing.

There is also a live cinema link and he will be answering questions via satellite link, famous Rangers faces meant to be attending.

I was going to be devious and try and book tickets for me her and the boy but it's not letting me do it for some reason, then put it up here for other people to book, but felt guilty, so anyone with any luck can you let me know, I found it through Glasgow News and it came up on Glasgow Live and the link was there. 


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3 minutes ago, LOL153 No Surrender!!! said:

Brilliant, I can't get on to it, they won't take bookings over the phone and there website is shit.

google it i can look on my phone no bother.




Edit update: Sold out now ?

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11 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

Good chance you've actually fucked yourself by starting this thread :lol:


Aye, what a prick I am, had to set up an account to let me buy tickets and the time I got to it, sold out came up, I'm going to be a greedy cunt next time and tell nobody, :UK:

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2 hours ago, Leeds_Bear said:

Documentary looks decent to be fair, same people that made Senna and Amy which were both really good. 

Looks to be purely focused on Liverpool though doubt we'll see much of his time with us so far. 

Err, he might have spent a wee bit of time there.

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