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Gerrard and Channel 4

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"Steven, come and have a look at this. I can't believe he's still sitting waiting on us!" 

Haha.   Left wing pricks 

Fuck Channel 4, Fuck Alex Thomson and fuck Jon Snow..

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9 minutes ago, evenstevens said:

Dear god I've never seen that before, love it!!! Lennon really is the prick's prick isn't he, just everybody outside of the celtic "family" hate him ?

That's because it was only made during the week by a poster on FF its fake.

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Ah on a week where the biggest negative news story covers the East end the usual media outlets start the Rangers negative stories which incidentally started with the BBC claiming Samson was pelted with coins, which St Mirren would be only too happy to tell the world about if that was actually the case. Now this embarrassment looking for his 5 minutes of fame when the company he actually works for doesn’t give a fuck about him when they can’t even tell him about a change in plans haha

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3 hours ago, TEFTONG said:

Is anyone surprised that Cunts are trying to deflect from peado fc..!!??...

Mind you. Stevie would be smart enough to put the journo in his place and he might have even said... "As far as I can see sectarianism in Scotland is caused by the snp government and their continued funding of separate schooling"... "As for that ginger bawbag...he is a perma-victim no fit to lace my boots"...Mic drop and swagger away like a cowboy...


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Channel 4 is pathetic. The Guardian of television news. They take themselves so seriously and are so self-righteous but their viewing figures are pathetic. 

Jon Snow is an complete prick, I recall a particularly nauseating speech on Palestine. He genuinely thought people were desperate to hear what he, an attention seeking old queerhawke, had to say. 

The guy who was supposed to interview Gerrard today is clearly one of those dungeons and dragons creeps. 

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3 hours ago, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

He's actually replied to the tweet saying he's not surprised. 

Here is an article from Thomson regarding the celtic support in 2014 - he doesn't seem to be a fan of them at all back then.


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