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Pena returning is it a ? or ?

Pena returning is it a ? or ?  

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  1. 1. Are you backing his return

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    • No

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How can he find space in the box...when he is always out of his !

If he hadn’t wiped his fucking nose on the shorts then possibly. His cheeky grin at the time told us all we need to know. Its a shame as I think a fit, interested Pena could be a very good player

This “sent home 2 months early” narrative is tosh. Another “let’s give Rangers a kick” moment. Necaxa have one game left in their summer season. They won’t play again after that until after Pena’s loa

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1 hour ago, surfsup2 said:

Put No but can understand you re his wages .

But he is 1 lazy can't be assed player just wants the money and does f all for it .

If we could get him off the wage bill , I'd do so in a New York minute , but without some sort of agreement it looks like we're stuck with him for now . 

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I liked him, goal scoring record for us was surprisingly decent considering how little he played, would be interested to see if he could offer us anything different, either that or we need to try to find someone daft enough to pay for him. 

If he's here, fit and able he might as well play, as I said, if he's fit and can put in a performance. 

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4 minutes ago, jjbscotty12 said:

Herrera was even worse.

Herrera is a poor footballer, but Pena has just chosen to waste his talent, and appears to be a bad influence on his team mates. I dont believe Pena's issues started the moment he arrived in Glasgow either, so how were we not aware of his problems?? Id love to know how much money we have thrown away on him.

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4 hours ago, gogzy said:

I voted no, but I'm not sure.

He deserves the clean slate everyone else got, and if he buckled down he. might just be a star.

Unfortunately I don't see it playing out like that.   Don't see him ever playing for us again.

Gogzy, the evidence is emphatic. He deserves absolutely fuck all. A human disgrace.

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