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After Alan McGregor - Who Has Been Our Best Player So Far This Season?

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Alfredo Morelos has been our best player.

Alfredo. Then Tav. Then Kent. 

Baffled that people are going for anyone other than Morelos

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On 14 November 2018 at 21:31, TopCat said:

With the season well under way I thought it would be interesting to see who the fans feel has been our best/ most influential player this season. To make it more interesting I've missed Alan McGregor as he's a keeper and has been by far our best player imo.


So who do you think has been our best outfield player so far this season?

Start a worst outfield player.     Flanno (I know )? 

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9 hours ago, ForeverAndEver said:

After three full pages and another few posts, nobody has pulled the OP up on the fact he canny spell Rat's name right

Is there ever a day goes by and you don't  mention your pet name for our brilliant goalkeeper

Seriously , we get you don't like him . But you are a boring wee fart getting


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23 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:


Last I read you thought he was worse than aids. 

Another spectacular turn around

The only thing worse than aids is a taig!

I expect a lot from him, because he has it in him, but he is now showing it more and getting smarter. We need that. I've quite enjoyed watching him grow under Gerrard.

However, the treatment he gets is a fucking disgrace and it's getting worse and no matter the player, I will defend his right to play football without fucking gbh being inflicted on him.

I'm now feeling rather protective of him tbh.

I need a fucking lie doon!

Tiger Shaw likes this
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