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Tonight's Broomloan Display

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Very colourful and set the scene for a great atmosphere again tonight. Well done to whoever organised it   

it looked a lot clearer one everyone got their cards in place.

The people that do the displays do make noise for 90 minutes

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To be honest it’s not their best you can hardly see what it says. They are usually spot on with the displays although they clearly put in a great deal of time and effort to the displays so fair play to them.

They need to avoid using fancy fonts in their display and just stick to the tried and tested ones. It was a similar case with another one of their displays earlier in the season.

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Just a point on these displays, notably the Livingston game cunts throwing paper aeroplanes, hitting other fans “all fun and games til someone loses an eye!”

but aye flinging the display paper at the side of the pitch, littering to fuck. 

Just made the place look like a bit of a doss hoose that’s all 


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1 minute ago, DiamondDan said:

Am a mongo? I wasn’t the one that spent minutes of my life with my hands in their air holding a shit card display 😂


Um. It's not as if the alternative to holding a card was to be shagging Miss World for a few munutes, mate.

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