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Goal threat from 20+ yards/Creativity

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We were poor tonight, especially when it was 11 vs 10. So predicable going forward, side ways passing then trying to go down the wings, wherr there was very little space as it was what the opposition expected us to do.

We need more variety and that includes sometimes getting the ball into the box from deeper positions.


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34 minutes ago, Gascoigne8 said:

Albertz, gio, tugay were the last to consistantly hit the target from 20+ yards. Saying that at the time they guys were playing i was going on avout how gazza, laudrup et al were better than them.  How times change 

Pedro Mendes was amazing at it and he came to us after all three of the guys you mentioned.  Pedro's range of passing is still the best I've ever seen in a Rangers jersey.

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1 hour ago, steven33jackie said:

Few times tonight there were little openings to have a dig from outside the box but they favoured the pass to the side or even at times back to the halfway line. That for me goes back to the big player argument and tonight a lot of them proved again that they are not players big enough to influence a poor performance. Have a shot, ok you might miss but then again you might work the keeper or win a corner or get a  lucky deflection. Passing the ball backwards is just passing responsibility to someone else because you are not brave enough.

Been saying exactly this for a long time. Keeper spills, deflectiobs corners etc. All chances to score.

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Bottled it the lot of them said it last week when we went top.it shows how bad Scottish football is if we are top of the league because we have a squad full of average football players and some not even that good. There is still s lot of work to be done but we realy need to get rid of any player that has shown they are not up to the standard required.

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6 hours ago, gsa said:

When was the last time we had a player who could consistently find the target from the edge of the box or beat someone or play a cute pass down the side of defenders. I honestly can't remember. Teams know we'll get to the edge of the box, play a safe pass wide and then put in a cross that's either ballooned miles over everyone or it smashes the first defender. Really poor. Dorrans capable (or at least use to be) of scoring from distance or opening up a gap but physically he looks done. 

Utterly fed up of seeing us go wide constantly and play into diddy teams hands with woeful crossing.

After watching Dorrans last season .I think you can forget that .I honestly think the guy is finished .He is not one that I'd say we miss .Take you point though .

Throw in a guy ala Albertz who liked a crack from outside the box .We don't process anyone who can do this with any real ability 

We are still miles short in so many areas it's not true 

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4 hours ago, To Be A Ranger said:

Gets fit? How long does this guy need? He's a waster yet some still think he could be the missing piece. The only threat he offers is to himself.

Scored against that mob this time last year at Ibrox.  We could have played until midnight last night and not scored. 

To play a guy like him though in this set up you need Jack and a very disciplined Arfield around him doing all the ugly stuff.  

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It also baffles me why we are reluctant to strike from outside the box, the element of surprise of an unexpected shot and the goalkeeper being unsighted due to the number of players in front of him also come into play when deciding to shoot from distance. When we go back and forth across the box then get in the box , the box is that packed that nine out of ten times they cannot get a clear shot at goal.

We definitely need to vary our build ups.

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