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***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***


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2 minutes ago, Creampuff said:

How did Morelos get booked for running to his own fans, but the St J striker didn’t get so much as a warning for his similar celebration in front of the opposition fans?

Because Morelos ©™

And that ref is a barely-grown man called Nick, with a complex to go with it?

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1 minute ago, loyalfollower said:

Good comeback but I’m not happy that we get outfought against these below than average players.  So many times this season have we heard about the opposition wether it’s livingston or Kilmarnock players having a great game against us.  We need to be better for longer periods. 

2 brilliant crosses and finishes from Alfredo and we now move on to hibs which will be another tough 90 mins.

Every game against us is their cup final whereas with the mhanks they are already beat due to their invincable status.

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Played badly and won. Alfredo and Mcgregor are the heart and soul of this team. They are the only big time players we have. A proper #10 and a proper striker required to help Alfredo. If he gets injured we are definitely fucked. Lafferty is not the answer. Onwards and upwards. 

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13 minutes ago, Jamie0202 said:

Yaaaas. Alfredo. Crediti to Tav for the cross as well. Often criticised deservedly for his crossing but that was a great ball in.

Both Tav and Candeias have great crosses in them, problem is they need too many attempts for the number of good ones, Tav especially. 

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1 minute ago, the old guard said:

We have a great goalkeeper and a great goalscorer, it's the bit in the middle that's of major concern, would love to think that will be a game we look back on as a turning point, but we have a long long way to go. 

Yup absolutely. We got out of jail today but  out midfield  is dire, really dire. No invention, way too many non passes, zero shots on target. We have to get in more quality here asap.

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1 minute ago, TEFTONG said:

Delighted with the 3points. 

Wonderful to now enjoy Christmas Day.

Superb that the lurkers and the fake account doom and gloom cunts are shut up until Boxing Day..:dance: a

Love you BUFFALO. 

What is a fake account? 🤔

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Great win in the end, finally dug deep and showed guts I didn’t think this team had late on

Big thanks to Alfredo for saving us 

Hope Barisic is OK, had taken for granted just how much I don’t miss watching Lee Wallace run through treacle 

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Credit to Gerrard and the subs for making positive impact on the game. And to Morelos for keeping the heid and chances.

But by fuck that was a dismal performance and there's huge question marks over the ability, attitude and aptitude of so many of our starting 11.


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Just now, dummiesoot said:

I agree with you, lafferty's presence created spaces for Alfie 

The run in from the left (Halliday I think) pulled two defenders away from Middleton to give him space for the first goal.

Might even have been Wallace but, whoever it was, made a big difference.

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