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***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***


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2 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Craig runs around after being booked looking for fights and gets no 2nd yellow. Their scorer did exactly the same as Morelos,  only difference being our fans invaded the track - but Morelos gets booked. I've been saying all season he is the most persecuted player for being booked as a result of him being fouled, for his facial expressions, or for celebrating exactly the same as any other player does.

He's on his way to another fucking suspension.

Craig's a snidey wee knob and no mistake. Refs' double standards are blatant and won't change at this point, so we're forced to find ways to win in spite of them - frustrating as all fuck.

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1 minute ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Credit to Gerrard and the subs for making positive impact on the game. And to Morelos for keeping the heid and chances.

But by fuck that was a dismal performance and there's huge question marks over the ability, attitude and aptitude of so many of our starting 11.


Why leave the manager out of the equation, after all he manages the the squad?.

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1 minute ago, Bears r us said:

I think you might be right mate, RM can be difficult to get on after a bad game like Dundee last weekend. I hope they enjoyed the late winner if our hunch is true. 😃 

Funny how it crashed just after they scored 😂 then runs smooth as a hot knife through butter when we aren’t on top. 

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"Didn't have one player doing the shirt justice out there" - Gerrard, on the first 45 minutes

"Shouldn't have to work that hard at places like this" 

Also, paraphrasing but something like "We didn't look like a team who are challenging for the title, looked like a team middle of table just turning up for a game of kick about"

Fucking understatements.

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