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***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

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1 minute ago, danger ranger said:

Yes Whit?, Get out of jail card, nothing has changed, dream on, we are fucking shite, scraping a win against a shite side doesn't make it, papering over cracks, win ugly, but hey whatever floats your boat.

Did you notice how many players were missing? Give it a rest.

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I'm no but then performance Wednesday was different level and we didn't win 3 points is all that matters 

Im swedish and not really familiar with all the scottish commentators, but one of those guys really didnt hide his dislike for Rangers.  Seems too common. Just makes the victory even sweeter thou

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Same shape and team please v the hivs.

I think SG has now had the dunt on the head about coulibaly n grezda, cant trust them.

He will hold his hands up as he signed them n obviously wanted them to work. Would not be suprised to see us bring in jones if not another left winger 1rst jan and loan grezda out.

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The manager needs to realise you can't play the same style when the players who are integral to that style are unavailable.Today we had one of the worst midfields i have ever seen playing for us.Not one of them is a footballer and that's being kind.We should have played 2 up and bypassed the midfield from the beginning.SG needs to wake up,and quickly 

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11 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Funny how it crashed just after they scored 😂 then runs smooth as a hot knife through butter when we aren’t on top. 

Is it those filthy taig ghuests haunting the place as usual  :mutley:

I always thought it was to many people trying to post at the same time.

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3 minutes ago, They Gnu said:

McCrorrie played well but it’s a naturally attacking midfielder we’re crying out for.


My point was that you just can't play those 3 together and expect there to be a spark. None of them are really creative midfielders. 

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Every cunt rages when we score a late winner! It's like we're the only club who celebrate a win. Patter like it's only St Johnstone, oh look sevco have just won the World Cup/Champions League! Football fans celebrating a late winner! Who would have thought! A win is a win no mater who it's against! Arseholes! St Johnstone Twitter not happy either!


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15 minutes ago, Laudrup1984 said:

Borna injury seems bad from Gerrard's reaction, sadly.

Gerrard also hinting 2 up top could be the future..

I would be prepared to try 3-5-2 again, although with park the bus teams there's not much point.

4-4-2 does leave us open to the counter.

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10 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

Good to see SG is still raging at that performance 

It was unacceptable 

Standards are everything at Rangers,we've played really well at times this season but can't seem to string a run of consistent performances together.

Here's hoping though........

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1 minute ago, the old guard said:

Barisic out for a while, so it's either Wallace, Flanagan or Halliday at left back for the next two games 😢 need to take 4 points at least to keep us in there. 

Its not a great position to be in. I'd go with Halliday though, I think!

Hopefully Arfield, Jack and maybe even Kent are available. If we can just have one last push to get to the winter break then players have time to recover/we can add some quality in the window. Squad is really being stretched, key players too.

Next two games are massive.

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30 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Do you didn’t watch it but you claim the abuse was miss placed. 😂😂

Ehhhhh yeah. 

When folk are saying Lafferty is a cunt. Tav is both a cunt and a disgrace and Steven Gerrard is never a manager you have to wonder if it’s really a supporter forum. 

Halliday is another favourite whipping boy

I get questioning of ability. And I get questioning of commitment when warranted, but the abuse hurled at our players and management especially in the match day thread is over the top. 

Outside of the madness of the live comments you rarely see the personal abuse. 

We won in the end and I managed to catch the last 20 minutes. 

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7 minutes ago, MarzM said:


My point was that you just can't play those 3 together and expect there to be a spark. None of them are really creative midfielders. 

Gerrard thinks we can do what Liverpool do, play 3 Grafters in midfield and rely on the front 3 to score the goals. Absolutely ridiculous tactics.

Morelos not only got team out of jail, he got his mamager out of jail after his team selection.

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