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It's cunts who have 1690 in their usernames that do my nut in...............oops!!

I quite enjoy how the over-use of the word "staunch" seems to annoy fuck right out people on here, I can think of so many more worthy things to get annoyed about tbh.

Full of absolute fucking troglodytes, ticket one's were unbelievably stupid, "I don't think it's fair that there isn't a public sale for games against celtic, it's not fair on the one's who can't affo

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3 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

Irish for meatball. Meatballs go with Spaghetti. I make spaghetti in the same pot I use to boil potatoes.

Reported for obvious famine reference.


You're OK mate ..... the famine's actually over ..... yet no matter how many times we tell them .... they just won't go home ... faggots for brains .... :p:


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