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1 hour ago, Siwel said:

@Blue Avenger fuck you

Good to see you still don't have a life.

Now, when he nets against the scum, then comeback  and maybe then you can talk sense instead of your usual pish and drivel.

Try and enjoy the result as opposed to showing everyone what a complete fanny you are.


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Boggles the mind that people on here were wanting to take the first offer that came in for him in the summer. Regardless of what you thought about him last season he was still a 21 year old playing in a foreign continent. The talent was always there to see and he was always going to improve. He'll be a star in a few years. 

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6 hours ago, Ted E Bayer said:

If Dembele was worth £20m what is the Buffalo worth??

a couple goals against the peados and I still wouldn’t take £25m....


55 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

I tb

Different types of players but yeah, I think Jelavic was the better player. Imagine them up front together. Morelos holding the ball up and being a nuisance and Jelavic just being the more cultured class act beside him.

Jelavic had some ridiculous record of scoring 19 out of 20 in a row with a first touch 

Totally different players. but both superb. 

At least when Morelos does leave the fee won't disappear into a wankers bank account 

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