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Old Firm media embarrassment and VAR control


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Excellent piece .pity this will only be seen by a few bear minded people and a few lurkers who will ignore it .

Root of the problem is Lawwell .The fact he receives such a big bonus for basically not much football wise shows everything .He's there to make money for celtic shareholders. 

There is no love ever lost in business and he plays the dirtiest tricks that the game of football in this country has ever seen .

The sooner he is retired the better for the game in this country .That includes his own club. At a time they are crying out for investment in key areas he gets a nice fat bonus .dont think for one minute that he was the only fat cat at torbett towers to be getting weighed in big time .Theres not enough money in the game as it is without folk like Lawwell helping themselves to fortunes for nothing 


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Preaching to the choir.

we’ve known this for at least  ten yr.

BBC Scotland don’t even hide their impartiality now, it’s so blatant it’s undeniable.

I was travelling somewhere and listened to sportsound one Saturday and you can actually hear the disappointment in the voices when they have to report a Rangers goal. It’s comical

we can laugh it off, but unless they are held to account I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

VAR in Scotland? 🤣

imagine the panel! chinky Pete will have them lined up already who were all refs that went to St summit school.


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That's an excellent piece and deserves to be given more prominence than Rangers fans forums. Cheers OP.

As per the Aberdeen fan stated, the agenda is such that others outside this cesspit that I used to be proud of, will think likewise. It's an incredibly powerful thing to be able to control the narrative and the Rangers haters/placemen are well tuned in doing just that. 

I digress, but If there's any justice in the world for the kids who's lives have been destroyed by celtc, that rancid clubs stadium should be razed to the ground. Scottish football would be a healthier place. And yes, I do know it's unlikely to happen, but still doesn't detract from the fact that it should.

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2 hours ago, Leeds_Bear said:

An excellent piece IMO, sums up the last week or so perfectly. Whilst it's been enjoying watching them squirm there is a dangerous undercurrent to their reporting which continues to paint us as the villain and do untold damage to the club's brand and reputation.

The club need to stand up and do something about this shit.

I think Gerrard should have come out sooner than he has, I know he was away with his family but we needed a voice to cut through the crap and also be heard down south. 

Either way, a great piece. 


Old Firm media embarrassment and VAR control


Over ten years ago, in a moment of unguarded and wholesome clarity, Tom English, now of the BBC, once declared that “celtic don’t want consistency from referees, they want decisions, good or bad, in their favour.”

He was right of course. It applies to all teams. It applies to all fans in the latent natural bias that exists in being a supporter. I don’t watch a Rangers match as an impartial observer and any decisions for and against my club matter and in the fog of battle you will claim and cling onto almost anything. The commentators are there to provide insight, information and hopefully some balanced reason to the unfolding spectacle.

The recent Rangers vs celtic match was a good contest and the result almost universally accepted along with the feeling that nothing too controversial occurred. The referee and his team would’ve breathed a sigh of relief after the match and all in all it was a good day's work. Perhaps the greatest compliment John Beaton will ever receive was when Andy Walker specifically mentioned his handling of the game in the 60th minute, praising him for letting the game flow and basically treating players openly and fairly in a well-fought, physical game. Further nods to the lack of officiating drama were provided in the post-match interviews when both managers had no complaints about the result or the referee. On social media most of the press pack praised Rangers performance, endorsed the result and rated Benton's performance as good (which in Scottish refereeing terms is stratospheric). Newspapers, tabloids included, said similar, at least initially. One good example is that Graham Spiers tweeted Beaton was 'terrific'.

Then something changed. At some stage later that evening an edict was sent out to members of the Scottish press to change the narrative.

Like any game of football there's always scope for different perspectives and different interpretations. There will inherently be the Rangers, the celtic or the neutral viewpoint; and with reason, time and the clearing of the battle fog those usually converge towards an accepted neutral position for most incidents. As with any match there’s dozens of incidents to pour over and a different view can be drawn or a different decision demanded from the referee on those. There were flicks, kicks and shoves from all parties during the game – many of which could’ve been argued to a yellow or red card. If you really want to you can eke out injustice in any match, you just choose the incidents you want and ignore the ones that don’t fit your agenda.

Tabloids will also pick up on individual incidents and sensationalise them - that’s to be expected. But even with that you would hope they would be balanced in their selections – for both commercial sense and the basic true representation of events. Quite why the BBC would get swept up in a seemingly agenda-laden, unbalanced witch-hunt is a bit more surprising and disappointing.

The BBC still trades on trust. It's part of its brand built up over decades. Trust to deliver the news. Trust to be accurate and impartial. Yet some of its main commentators in Scotland seem to have ditched their original reasoned thoughts on the match and picked up the new ones at exactly the same time as the shock-jocks and tabloids. The BBC receive footage of the match and then cut and edit it to suit. In this case they chose to focus on incidents involving Alfredo Morelos. He got his own headline montage for three alleged incidents, and this subject matter was pushed and discussed as the primary content of the match. This narrative later ascended into calls for the compliance officer to act; apparently only on the three incidents involving the Rangers player and no other incidents in the game. The public were told these were serious incidents and the compliance officer absolutely has to act, mustn't they? Actually no, they don’t. Cue the indignation to the failed witch-hunt, which was provided in spades by tabloids and BBC alike in a synchronised outpouring. Incredible, ten days after the match, BBC Scotland are still showing the above montage.

To be clear, the position pushed was the celtic favouring viewpoint. A montage could’ve easily been provided balance with a reckless challenge by Brown, a stamp by Christie and a goal-denying hand-ball in the box by McGregor, that would have been a fairer summary. These could’ve and probably should’ve been forwarded to the compliance officer at the same time. I have no idea if they were as no one knows the protocol for the compliance officer reviewing incidents though given the force of the BBC's campaign they seem to be confident that they decide what the CO looks at. Beyond that and and just as easily a Rangers favouring agenda could’ve been pushed with a narrative of all three celtic player incidents demanding red cards and action from the compliance officer. That would’ve been just as easy and just as justified.

So why was the celtic viewpoint on this allowed to be propagated? Why was balance cast aside within the BBC to seek sanction against Rangers and Morelos alone and overlook the equally merit worthy acts from the celtic players?

Quite simply, the media response has been ridiculous and toxic. Some of the outrageous comments from Chris Sutton and John Hartson are disgusting and surely beyond the threshold of decency from paid pundits? But they are at least partially understandable (SFA stitch-up to stop celtic the only explanation for Morelos let off - Sutton) in that they were celtic players. Unfortunately, Sutton now regularly refers to a Rangers striker as 'Buffalo Brains' which is petty, laughable and downright unprofessional from someone else who often played the game on the same edge Morelos does. Quite why BT Sports and the Record provide Sutton with a platform to regularly attack Rangers from a clearly unbalanced position is another story.

One can only surmise that a similar arrangement exists for the BBC's main protagonists? They are allowed whatever opinion they want, if it is actually their opinion, but part of that surely relies on a degree of consistency? The problem here is we have some functioning human adults doing a complete 180° in many of their stances in full public view - there must be something about blue shirts that throws their reasoning circuits into spasm? On Twitter you will find numerous example of this staggering hypocrisy (the @RangersObserver feed in particular is worth a look for good examples of this.

Now, this would all be fairly hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. The BBC has been party to driving a fairly extreme and partisan viewpoint on something. This then, possibly through design, fosters a sense of injustice within a section of society. Which in turn results in strong emotions which then spill over and before long we have death threats against the referee - (Old Firm ref John Beaton 'calls in cops' after threats following Morelos decision) despite a fairly decent performance which was also commended by many high level ex-referees. It is really pretty simple, if the ridiculous stance hadn’t been pushed by the BBC and the Scottish media then the animosity would not have been ramped up with John Beaton in the cross-hairs. It goes without saying that celtic got their oar in too with a statement, short in self-awareness, with calls for public explanations and meetings at Hampden.

Of course, the ones who started the whole episode now either try and distance themselves from the consequences or flat out deny any culpability in it. However, at some stage surely the media in this country has to accept responsibility, this isn’t reporting the news or facts this was pushing bizarre and extreme nonsense. So why was that narrative chosen and who chose it? There would appear to be several reasons in it being chosen.

The Rangers win was monumental in many ways. It held way more meaning to the club and support than the three points at stake and it burned away much of the cloud hanging over the club since 2012. celtic were also very poor. Their form is stagnating from previous years and their manager and board don’t appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Peter Lawwell, the recent recipient of a huge multi-million pound bonus, needed to deflect from all of that. And the celtic board know that the celtic support love nothing more than a big bucket of injustice to pickle their collective victim-hood in. In short, deflection from a relatively poor performance and boardroom issues. Peter Adam Smith at ITV summed it up perfectly in his tweet:

Replying to @PeterAdamSmith @PolhomeEditor: Pretty sure you’re the only journalist I’ve seen coming out to condemn this , the rest appear to have rallied round it and entrenched themselves . Journalists talk about fans being poisonous , this is up there with some of the worst things you’ll see in Scottish football.

@PeterAdamSmith: It’s objectively bizarre. celtic have won the league 7 years in a row, 7 out of the last 7 trophies in Scotland. This was their first league defeat to Rangers in 6.5 years. And celtic still top of the league. If there’s some plot to stop celtic, it’s the worst conspiracy ever.

One of my long-standing gripes with the BBC has been the quality and flavour of their coverage for a number of years now and this Old Firm game was a perfect microcosm of this. During a dialogue with an Aberdeen fan he questioned Morelos not being cited by the compliance officer. I’d asked if he didn’t think the other incidents were worthy of attention? He hadn’t seen them. He hadn't watched the match and relied on the BBC's output to form his opinions. The other incidents mentioned in the discussion where Naismith’s (Hearts) kick at Brown (celtic), McGregor kicking out at Ajer (celtic) and Morelos’ successful appeal of his red card (at Aberdeen). These were the incidents the BBC staff had chose to make a big deal out of. In my opinion they deliberately ignored plenty of similar and valid incidents and selected certain others to fit an agenda. I’m also content enough in my observations to state that many of their match reports don’t accurately reflect the matches and in particular the key incidents from those. There is a definitive theme to much of their reporting and it doesn’t favour Rangers. The recent Old Firm fallout just further cements this for me. This isn’t what the BBC is meant to be. Obviously, I don't expect pro-Rangers coverage, just balanced journalism for all clubs.

The problem is that the BBC should be above this and we all fund it through the license fee. I know I don’t pay for their news to represent transparent third party agendas. It should be beyond reproach but it has been hijacked in recent years. This cannot simply be ignored because the BBC it is too big to be ignored. The BBC Reporting Scotland bulletins play throughout the day and will reach across the society far outside the relatively small hard-core that follow and discuss what’s going on in football. Those listeners will hear and believe that Beaton is corrupt, he helped Rangers, Morelos is a thug and should be banned, Rangers players get away with stuff and, equally important, there were no issues with the celtic players. That is the message that BBC Scotland chose to put out. Reporting Scotland regularly reaches 500,000 listeners, 10% of the country. That is more than the Rangers Twitter account, worldwide. For some measure of scale the bigger Rangers fan accounts have around 20,000 followers. The excellent 'Heart and Hand' podcast may get 80,000 hits for its weekly flagship shows and has 3,500 subscribers who enjoy the daily updates but it still lags well behind mainstream media figures. Those numbers and reach is why the continued flagrant misuse of the BBC cannot be ignored.

We have seen things escalated still further from the threats on John Beaton. The referees union have even issued a statement calling for the SFA to do more.

Somewhat brazenly Tom English at the BBC has the gall to report on it. His article continuing the narrative that his volte-face, celtic-centred view of the game was justified, that those were the only incidents in the game and the only points of note. The rest never happened. The truth now buried under seven days of continuous agenda-driven invective. And near the end of the article is his clarion call - the mention of VAR.

Take yourself back to 2010. The last time we were here, celtic kicked in the front doors of the SFA and they helped themselves to a desk or two. They created the compliance officer position and they’ve pretty much kept it as their own pet project to this very day. Yes, this is the system they are currently raging against.

Is this the purpose of this mock-indignation and tears of injustice? To get a seat at the table of VAR and ensure celtic gain the same access and control as they did to the compliance officer? VAR, like reporting and like the CO role, completely relies on a degree of impartiality, it relies on everything been treated on its own merits and it relies on consistency. It will also rely on the media assisting with the costs and tech infrastructure. Would VAR function correctly if the same guys who wrote the script for the Old Firm fallout get their hands on it? It's certainly a frightening prospect that Rangers need to act on much stronger than they currently do.

Very time consuming read

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2 hours ago, Leeds_Bear said:

Over ten years ago, in a moment of unguarded and wholesome clarity, Tom English, now of the BBC, once declared that “celtic don’t want consistency from referees, they want decisions, good or bad, in their favour.”

Nearly chucked it with the Irishman's lie right there.

Decided to give it a go and thought it was an excellent piece.
Nothing we as a support didn't already know,but just wish some real journo out with ourselves with balls would take stuff like this on.
Would get themselves a right good job somewhere high up with an honest newspaper.

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2 hours ago, big blue Fin said:

Good enough article but expecting celtic and their tame journos to be fair when they are well beaten is like expecting to walk out into a thunder storm without an umbrella and stay dry.

The hand of liewell is obvious in the way most journalists in Scotland suddenly changed their opinion of Beaton's handling of the match, the bbc's mishandling of the highlights package is standard for them, they rarely if ever focus on a celtic player breaking the rules of the game, hence why Morelos was picked out for special treatment. We've all said it so many times that's it's lost all it's meaning but it is still true to say that as far as celtic and their scum support are concerned, "they are always cheated, never defeated."

I've had enough of the bbc, I legally no longer pay the licence fee and told them their biased handling of reporting on football in Scotland was a primary contributing factor.


No one could put that more accurately .Tremendous piece imo  👌

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The McGregor incident is a goal-scoring opportunity, he makes a clear attempt to handle the ball, a penalty and a red card.

It’s amazing that hasn’t been reported at all. It’s a game changing incident in the 3rd fucking minute. They were lucky to get beat 1-0 with 11 we’d have battered them if they had 10

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Good article.

Although I’ve never been a great advocate for VAR, it does have the benefit that the decision is made quickly by the match officials.  The present CO process is wide open to the abuse and exploitation because it takes several days for a decision to be made which allows a certain club and their placemen in the media to drive a particular narrative in that time  This is what happened following the recent OF game.

If the CO procedure is to continue, there really needs to be some way that prevents outside influences calling the shots on which incidents are considered worthy of referral and punishment.

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VAR at an OF is an interesting one. 

I think VAR could dampen the intensity of an OF game. And let's be honest part of the fun is when one of our players gets away with a sneaky one. Morelos got away with a few cheeky digs he could potentially have picked up a yellow card for if a VAR room picked up on every little thing and insisted everythings by the book. The scum no doubt enjoy it when their players get away with one too. Something will probably be lost in the OF if (when probably) VAR is brought in. 

They'll probably end up surreptitiously having a mix of Rangers and Sellik minded in the VAR room to keep everyone happy. 

Another way to look at it is the game was well over a week ago and it's still a topic that's generating headlines there's not that many games in world football that can say that.

Clearly we are strongly disliked in the SMSM

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"Why was balance cast aside within the BBC to seek sanction against Rangers..."

This might just as well read "Why is common sense and fairness cast aside TIME AND AGAIN to the detriment of Rangers and the Protestant community in the SNPs modern Scotland????"

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7 minutes ago, Bearsden bear said:

Don't need to worry about VAR here.

No money for extra tech and Var refs. Would need to be in all games in league for parity.

Still no goaline technology, and plastic pitches aplenty. We are some way off Var.

VAR will be needed to stop our game looking like a backwater. The money will be found. 

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9 minutes ago, Bearsden bear said:

Like I say plastic pitches, no goa-line tech. 3 men and a dug at the games, refs getting hounded.

Aye, you would be hard pushed to class it a backwater.

What's the main selling point of the Scottish game? The OF fixtures. And I'd say they compare well with other big fixtures (standard of player excluded obviously). What they lack in polish they arguably make up for in heart, blood and guts. 

Goal line technology very rarely comes into play so it's not really missed. 

VAR is a much bigger difference though, so it lacking in OF games would start to impact the perception of the games. That's why I think it'll be needed and we'll see it no more than two seasons after it's fully utilised in the Premier league.

Just a prediction of mine, of course have no way of knowing what will happen. 

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