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***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

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Dropping McCrorie tonight was fucking mental. Gerrard describes him as a warrior and an animal after the OF game so why drop him in a game where you have to win the right to play by battling.

Rumoured team at this stage is: McGregor Tav Worrall McAuley Halliday Davis Jack Arfield Kent Morelos Defoe

Stephen Craigan talking absolute shite.  O'Donnell with his hands all over Alfie's shirt but completely ignores it despite the replay clearly showing it.  

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Just now, lidorfc said:

It's so frustrating, it's been like this since we've got back to the top division, play well, lose a cheap goal, confidence shattered, play shite. It's a recurring theme regardless of who the manager is. 

I really miss having a team that goes a goal down and you brush it off and still think you'll win.

When ever we go down I am never confident of getting a leveller never mind a winner.

We have a mental block that when we face some sort of adversity we collapse to fuck. 

That win over them counts for nothing now other than bragging rights as we have fucked this game up. 

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Just now, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

That team that destroyed celtic, if not for injury, should have started tonight. It was the easiest team he could’ve fucking picked all season the stupid fucking scouse cunt!!!! 

I'm fuming at him but what the fuck is that? 

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7 minutes ago, TheKingObv said:

In our second hardest away game of the season. Embarrassing.

Wasn’t the game to change it. It sounds stupid to say because he scored but Defoe (and Davis) should have started on the bench.

Changing a winning team/system to accommodate big names isn’t the best path to go down IMO.

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This formation change is a fucking disgrace. Why the hell would we play with no width and allow the defenders to be so criminally lonesome every time they receive the ball. Worrall and McAuley have been abysmal here, but they’ve had nobody to take the ball.

could easily have played the same team as celtic and done better.

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