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BBC DEMO VB protest

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2 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Well done BRU.

A reminder and request to all to make whatever arrangements  necessary with your travel companions, RSCs, mates that sit beside you at games etc to attend the demo. 

We need every bear to find a way to be there, and show our feelings starting with our strength of numbers.

Spread the word, and do your bit. 

Make sure someone videos the people for youtube as the BBC won't say shit.

Bears r us and Bobby Hume like this
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Excellent that the VB's are organising this. I will see you there lads.  only thing I will say is let's make it a peaceful one with no "naughty" songs as they will lap that up and make a meal (st

I'll be there. The hope is that RSCs will consider travelling an hour or so earlier than normal to get bears over there in good  time for the protest before fans walk to Ibrox. This is a Ran

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2 minutes ago, Gazza1212 said:

At last somebody is treating this ridiculous situation seriously enough to do something about it. Anybody who gives a fk about Rangers should be doing their utmost to support this move in person.

I think the protest is a good idea but that's a silly thing to say

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On 28/02/2019 at 17:23, Dickie said:

I was going to suggest burning our tv licences in the bbc car park but I doubt there are many cunts on here actually in possession of said article 

The Goat has one, he thinks my call for a licence boycott was crankery.

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